10 Architectural Bookcases That Go Beyond All Expectations

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For some, a staircase is more than just a physical link between floors and that makes sense since usually, an internal staircase is a very important design element. As a result, there are a lot of cool stairs to be inspired by and a lot of ingenious design ideas that could absolutely change your life. One of the most basic examples is the array of clever under stairs storage ideas that let you save space and make the most of a small area in a very practical and eye-pleasing manner. Let these 10 exceptionally beautiful designs inspire you.

This staircase designed by Studio Farris Architects is disguised as a massive sculpture and multifunctional furniture piece. It has an irregular form which forms various nooks and cantilevered sections that act as shelves and certain sections are actually separate furniture modules which seamlessly blend in and look like an integral part of the staircase itself.

Another wonderful example of a seamless staircase/ furniture integration comes from designer Mike Mejier who created something called Object Élevé. It’s a multifunctional structure that he designed for a home in Hague, in The Netherlands. The structure is part staircase, part workstation and part storage unit, being divided into two separate sections built out of wood and metal.

Stairs and bookcases make a great combo and it’s been proven time and time again by projects such as this one. This custom staircase-bookcase combo was designed by Platform 5 Architects for a space in London. It’s actually more like a multitude of bookcases have been arranged around the staircase, becoming a part of it.

The Conarte Bookstore from Monterrey, Mexico has one of the coolest-looking interior designs. It was a project completed by studio Anagrama and the main goal here was to create a space that redefined the reading experience. The staircase and bookshelves complement each other and work together to create an enveloping and enjoyable experience. The shelves form a sort of dome, wrapping around the space which is mostly just a giant staircase with seats on either side, built into the steps.

Unusual circumstances require unusual design solutions, like this cool-looking home/ studio from Barcelona which used to be an old dry-cleaning shop. Understandably, the floor plan wasn’t the best so architect Carles Enrich had to get creative when redesigning this entire space. One of the ideas was to give it this custom staircase which is made of two parts, one which looks like a set of wooden shelves and a hanging section with a metal frame and wooden steps.

This is another great example of a staircase which seamlessly transitions into a bookcase and vice versa. The design is not only cool-looking but also practical. This is a space designed by studio Maxwan in Geldermalsen, The Netherlands. This entire structure used to be a barn and was transformed into a contemporary home with all sorts of unique features, this floating staircase included.

A different type of relationship was established between the bookshelves and the staircase in the case of this house in Paris. The bookcase acts as a support wall and divider and has stepped design which puts even more emphasis on the strong connection between these two major design elements. This was a project completed by Andrea Mosca Creative Studio.

Rather than minimizing the visual and structural impact of the staircase of the space, architecture studio Moon Hoon chose to do the exact opposite in the case of a family home that they designed by Sachangdong, South Korea. As a result, the staircase is huge but is not just a staircase but also a bookcase and a slide. This unique design combines multiple elements into a single structure and serves as a tool for reading, playing and interacting with other family members.

A staircase doesn’t have to be massive in order to be interesting and inspiring. A great example in this sense is the residence designed by Zminkowska De Boise Architects in London. The staircase connects the split floor levels and extends into shelves on one side and a bench seat on the other. They also double as bookshelves themselves and can also be used as a place to sit on.

This sculptural staircase designed by Open Source Architecture takes on the role of a library, featuring bookshelves and a unique design with fluid, sculptural lines which give it a lot of character and turn it into a focal point for this double-height volume. This seamless integration takes the whole concept of the staircase to a new level. This project is also a wonderful example of a rather drastic renovation which somehow completely changed the house but at the same time kept its character intact and only transformed the house on an aesthetic level.

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10 Architectural Bookcases That Go Beyond All Expectations