100+ Affordable Ikea Plants For Every Plant Parent – No Green Thumb Required

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You may know Ikea for its stylish and affordable ready-to-assemble furniture, but have you ever moseyed over to its plant section? The Swedish furniture brand has a diverse mix of fun pots, potted plants, and faux plants that can enhance your home – whether you have a green or black thumb. Plus, the botanicals – which range from cacti and snake plants to monstera plants and blooming orchids and more – are afforable and, for the most part, come potted and ready to go. If you’re looking to not only furnish your abode, but transform it into a tranquil, stylish haven, then Ikea is your one-stop shop. Ahead, find all of Ikea’s plants, pots, and stands that will help fill your home with an extra bit of joy!

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100+ Affordable Ikea Plants For Every Plant Parent - No Green Thumb Required