13 Closet Shelf Organizers And Ideas That Reinvent Storage

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In case you haven’t tried this already, closet shelf organizers have the amazing ability to change your storage habits and, more importantly, to help you be organized even if it’s not in your nature. A proper organizing system and enough time to implement it don’t always make up for a lack of partitions, a good design or some closet organizers and accessories which, as it turns out, can be very useful and can actually change your entire routine. Don’t believe us? Check out the examples below and maybe they’ll change your mind.

Shelf dividers like these Kosiehouse ones from Amazon are more useful than you’d think. They’re made of coated wire and they’re designed by slip over solid shelves up to 1” thick. Add as many as needed to divide the shelf into several separate sections to make storage easier and to hopefully keep your closet organized for a long time. 

If you like the idea of shelf dividers but you’d prefer a design that looks a bit more…friendly, check out the Lynk Vela organizers which you can also find on Amazon. They have epoxy-coated steel frames covered with non-woven polymer fabric which makes them both durable and aesthetically pleasing.

Shelf dividers are useless if you don’t already have a closet to add them to. If you’re starting from scratch we highly recommend a modular closet design. The Yozo model is a cool example, featuring a steel frame complemented by soft resin sheets. It’s solid and sturdy but also lightweight. You can combine several modules to create your own custom unit and you can add more whenever needed.

Modularity is also a key design characteristic of the Songmics storage cubes. They come in sets of six organized in 3 tiers and they’re very versatile. Use them to store and organize things like books, toys, shoes or even clothes. You can add this to your entryway, living room, bedroom or even put it inside a large closet.

Products like the mDesign stackable metal shelf can be useful if you want to maximize the storage capacity of your closet or entryway. They’re a good option if you have limited shelving or if you want to make the most of that empty space below the entryway bench or at the top of your closet. You can also use these in the kitchen. The space under the sink immediately comes to mind.

Storage bins and baskets are another option worth taking into consideration. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes, materials and colors and you can use to neatly organize the accessories inside your bedroom closet, all the items in your kitchen pantry or the toiletries in the bathroom. In fact, they’re so versatile that we can’t think of any room that wouldn’t benefit from them. Check out these stylish organizers on amazon.


Speaking of how versatile and useful storage baskets are, check out these other ones that are made of tightly hand-woven water hyacinth over a steel frame. They come in packs of two and they make organizing closets, kitchens and laundry room fun and easy. A big advantage in this case is the fact that these baskets fold flat which means they’re easy to store and they take up little space when not needed. Check them out on amazon.

Shoe storage is not necessarily problematic until you realize that your collection of boots ruins the whole experience. Yes, boots can be annoyingly difficult to store in an organized and practical manner but that doesn’t mean you should give up. Products like the Boot Butler are specifically designed to make your life easier so check it out on amazon and give it a chance.


What about regular shoes and other accessories, you might ask. There’s actually a pretty cool organizer for those things too. Check out the Zober shoe holder which you can hang in your closet and that keeps your pairs of shoes nice and organized in individual mesh pockets. You can use to store other things too, like different belts, scarves, gloves, etc.

Jewelry can also get very annoying when you don’t have a proper way to store it so the pieces don’t get all tangled up and difficult to find. That’s why a hanging organizer like this one can come in very handy. It’s made of natural cotton canvas and it has 80 clear vinyl pockets, 40 on each side. You can hang it in your closet next to your shirts or you can use hooks to display it somewhere else. Check it out on containerstore.

An interesting idea which comes from vintagerevivals suggests removing the doors from a large closet and replacing them with a set of lightweight sliding doors.  In this case the closet covered an entire wall but wasn’t really a walk-in. The new doors changed that and made it appear not only larger but also more accessible. It’s a rather cool way of maximizing the storage potential of a closet just by changing the way its doors open.

Handbags, like many other things, can create problems when it comes to storage-efficiency in the sense that unless you have a huge closet you’re probably just squeezing your bags on shelves or just leave them on the floor and that’s not really practical or pretty. A very simple way to change all that is to just take some shower hooks (or any s hooks) and use those to neatly store and organize your bags on your closet rod. The idea comes from athoughtfulplaceblog.

It’s important to customize your closet organizers according to your needs and the items you have as well as the way in which you use them. It’s easier to find something when you know exactly where to look for it so keeping similar items clustered together is a good idea. If you have lots of belts you can neatly stack them on paper towel holders and even arrange them by size, style or color. You can use magazine holders to organize all your clutches. These are tricks we learned from perpetuallychic.

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13 Closet Shelf Organizers And Ideas That Reinvent Storage