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13 Mosquito-Repelling Plants That Will Save Your Skin This Summer

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We all love the summertime, but unfortunately, bugs do, too. If you’re someone who gets swarmed by mosquitoes whenever you walk out the door, and have tried everything – citronella candles, bug spray, mosquito swatters, and my personal favorite, insect zappers – then you certainly know that these buzzing nighthawks are no small task to handle. However, if you’re itching to enjoy a good BBQ without being bit by a million little critters, then we have a solution: plants. Yes, it’s true. On top of plants’ amazing air-purifying properties and ability to look absolutely stylish both inside and outdoors, they too can help fight off those relentless mosquitoes. So, if you’re ready to entertain without swatting for your life, here are 13 mosquito-repelling plants you’ll want to get your hands on.

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13 Mosquito-Repelling Plants That Will Save Your Skin This Summer

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