20 Small Storage Shed Ideas Any Backyard Would Be Proud Of

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If you feel like stuff is starting to pile up in your home and you need to get some things out but you don’t want to get rid of them completely, perhaps it’s time you had your own storage shed out in the backyard. Nothing too big or complicated, just a small storage shed where you can keep your gardening tools and supplies and maybe a few other things as well. Turn this into your next DIY project and check out some of these ideas if you need inspiration before you get started.

If you already have a storage shed then perhaps you can use this opportunity to customize it a bit and make it more storage-efficient. Perhaps you could hang more shelves, add hooks or hangers or replace existing features with something better-suited for your own storage needs. You can find a few ideas on thecavenderdiary.

There are several steps you need to follow once you decide you want to build your own storage shed. You need to create a plan and to sketch your design, to decide what materials you want to use, then to prep the ground, add the foundation and then build the frame. As you can see, there’s a lot of prepping to be done so be sure to check out this tutorial from imgur for more info.

Isn’t this little wooden shed adorable? It looks like a miniature house with a door and no windows. It even has a pitched roof. This is a small shed which doesn’t need a foundation so you can just a pick a spot and start building it. At the end you can paint your new shed and make it look even more beautiful. You can help it blend in or stand out, depending on the rest of your backyard decor. Check out instructables for more details regarding the building process.

Obviously if you need more than just a tiny shed that’s entirely possible too as long as you have the space and resources. This one was a project by Joseph Sandy and it looks amazing, with those patchwork wooden walls and the corrugated metal roof. We love the space at the top which light and air inside the shed.

A small storage shed can turn out to be surprisingly space-efficient if you know how to organize it. You can use it to store everything that’s currently cluttering your garage, including bikes, sports equipment as well as gardening tools and other stuff. As far as the design and everything else is concerned, that’s totally up to you to decide what’s best for your backyard. Personally we enjoy this shed featured on instructables, specifically the little windows.

If you’re envisioning your storage shed like a simple wooden box with doors, that’s entirely ok too because it would actually be a very practical design option. You can find the shed plans on ana-white along with instructions so check out this project and feel free to add your own personal touch to the design.

Here’s an even smaller version of the shed we just mentioned. As you’ll notice from the tutorial shared on ana-white, building a small storage shed such as this one is actually fairly easy. Your shopping list includes 2 sheets of plywood, some 2 by 4 boards, gate-style hinges, 2 handles, a latch, roofing material and wood for the doors. You should also add to this list everything that you plan on customizing the interior of the shed with.

A small shed can be more than just a little box-like space where you can keep your garden tools. You can also turn your shed into a garage for your motorcycle or your bikes. Think of it like a miniature house in your backyard. You can give it doors, windows and even a garage door and a ramp. A lot of what we’re describing can be found in the design of this modern shed featured on diyatlantamodern.

On the other hand, if all you want is a tiny garden shed, there’s no point in exaggerating with the design and making the shed bigger than it has to be. Check out this wooden structure made of teak wood, featured on frontgate. You could definitely build something like this yourself but it’s nice to good that there are also ready-made options such as this one.

Although that’s usually the case, a garden shed doesn’t necessarily have to be all closed off and built like a wooden box. You can give your little shed windows, a glass door and even skylights. Check out this quirky design featured on acultivatednest. It looks like a small green house so it could potentially also hold a few plants if needed.

Another very cool idea is to give your small storage shed a green roof so it looks nice and also so it blend into landscape in a beautiful way. It’s even cooler if you build a low shed, sort of like an outdoor storage unit. This one seems like an awesome choice. We found it on pinterest.

This isn’t exactly a storage shed but the design is inspired by one and we find it very interesting and inspiring. This thing is a sort of cover, a mini open shed for the trash bins which actually makes sense if you want to keep your yard clean and organized and you also don’t want the trash to ruin your view. Check out fixundfertighaus to find out how to build something like this yourself.

If you want you can treat your small storage shed as an extension of the house and make it look like a sort of exterior pantry. This idea came to us while seeing the shed featured on finehomebuilding. We love how seamlessly it blends in and how natural the whole structure looks. The shutter doors are also super cool.

If you decide to physically connect your new storage shed to the house and treat it as an extension, you have the wonderful opportunity to give the shed a rooftop terrace which you can access from inside the house. This is one of the most awesome ideas we encountered so far and it comes from panofish. It applies to all sorts of different types, whether it’s a metal shed, a wooden one or even a prefab cabin that you have in mind.

A nice and simple way to make your small storage shed stand out is to give it a barn door and to paint it in an eye-catching color. Check out this bright white and red combo and that lovely little shed sign. This could be your next DIY project so if you like it check out the youtube tutorial to find out more about it.

There’s also a lot you can do to give your existing storage shed a makeover. You can stick with the basics such as painting the exterior of the shed to make it fun, colorful and also trendy. Also, it could be nice and fun to add a few accent details such as window planter boxes or perhaps window shutters, a new door, a new roof color, etc. Let this beautiful green shed featured on mysweetcottage inspire you.

Plastic sheds

Looking for an easy solution? Forget about all those DIY wooden sheds and check out some of the following plastic storage shed options. It’s easy to install, durable thanks to the multi-wall resin panels, versatile and practical. Its roof is actually a lid which you can lift with ease and the doors can be locked for increased security. You can find this shed on Amazon.

The Keter Manor outdoor shed is another great option. It’s fairly large and made of polypropylene resin plastic reinforced with steel for increased durability. It has a wood-like texture which gives it a charming and at the same time versatile look, one which would look beautiful in any backyard or garden, especially with this choice of colors. 

For things like garden tools, construction tools and even bikes, a simple storage shed like the Suncast BMS7400D Cascade model would be just right. It has a sturdy, reinforced floor, strong and durable walls, lockable doors with small windows and pitched roof which gives it a cute appearance. The choice of colors is also lovely and well-suited for garden spaces.  You can customize its interior to suit your storage needs. 

This is the smaller version of the Keter Manor shed we mentioned a few moments ago. It’s a 4 x 6 ft shed with a narrow footprint. It’s made of polypropylene resin plastic and steel and it has a wood-like texture. The small window lets you see inside without having to open the door and the pitched roof is high enough for an adult to fit inside comfortably. The walls and door are gray with white outlines and the roof is black, a combination that’s simple and very versatile. Check out the shed on Amazon.

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20 Small Storage Shed Ideas Any Backyard Would Be Proud Of