25 Easy, DIY Toy Storage Ideas

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There are tons of creative ways to get the kids’ rooms picked up, organized, and ready for the next play day. Thankfully, there are simple tutorials to follow and get you from cluttered to clean in no time. Check out all 25 of these easy, DIY toy storage ideas and start planning your attack on the chaos.

1. Twin Storage Bed

When you’re able to utilize a piece of furniture for more than two necessities, you take the opportunity and run with it. Just look at this Twin Storage Bed idea. There’s so many different ways to organize and categorize the kiddos’ things, especially when you don’t have as much square footage to be working with.

2. Under-the-Bed Drawer

If you’ve got a bit of space to spare, try creating an Under-the-Bed Drawer. It’ll be an easy access asset to the room for the kids and also an easy way to clean up and conceal the clutter when guests are over. You can get as intricate – by adding extra boxes or drawers to the larger drawer – or just use the bigger opening to throw the extras inside. 

3. Rolling Crate

These Rolling Crates are really easy to DIY and they’re so functional for a variety of childrens’ items. You can use them in the closet to organize all his/her accessories or extra toys. But you can also use them to compile books or even art supplies in the kitchen or playroom.

4. Coffee Table Toy Chest

Again, we’re big fans of furniture pieces that provide two functions and that’s exactly what this project does. Easily whip up this industrial-inspired Coffee Table Toy Chest within an afternoon. We love how it’ll fit into a trendy, farmhouse themed home as well.

5. Doll Storage

This fabric Doll Storage was made especailly with American Girl dolls in mind but we can see it easily being used for all the baby dolls or even Barbies that you have under the roof. Organize all the accessories, from the clothes to the bottles!

6. Board Game Cubbies

Does your family have a lot of board games floating around the house? Well, gather them up, buy a closet organize like this and stack them nicely. These Board Game Cubbies will help you clean up the closets and media rooms in all houses in no time.

7. LEGO Organization

What family home doesn’t need a bit of Lego Organization? What’s great about this idea is that you can store entire sets in one space. Sure, mixing them up can be fun, but this way the kids can build their favorites and remember which pieces go where – the photo labels are a super creative idea!

8. Kitchen Corner

We’re swooning for this Kitchen Corner, aren’t you? We love the setup, particularly the vintage-style of the actual toy, of course. But we love the addition of the kitchen baskets being used inside the mini kitchen for the kiddos – keeping everything so much more organized.

9. Playroom Office Wall

Check out this Playroom Office Wall! This bout of inspiration is great for spaces that need to be utilized for more than one function, for example, both a playroom and a home office.These cubby systems can be easily arranged and rearranged to fit specific needs.

10. Train Table with Storage

Check out this Train Table with Storage underneath! Instead of the pieces falling off the table in between play time, everything the kids need can be easily stored underneath. This table is such an easy one to whip up as well, even if you’re a novice crafter.

11. The Ultimate

Check out what’s been dubbed “The Ultimate Storage Solution“. There’s a spot to keep the plushes, the board games, and even plastic bins filled with all the goods: think Barbies, cars, or even Legos. Grab the tutorial and blueprints for this masterpiece after the jump.

12. Crate Storage Shelf

We’re loving this Crate Storage Shelf solution as well. Not only does it keep everything in one spot, but there’s a mobile element that’s nice for the kids. They can pick their bin and carry the entire set to a spot that they can play easily in.

13. Lego Minifigure Display Case

Lego Minifigure Display Case shows you how to create a display case for all those Legos your little ones have. This is great because it acts as a piece of wall art while organizing the clutter. You also don’t need to stay worried about walking on these with bare feet – because it hurts … a lot!

14. Plush Bungee Cord Storage

This Plush Bungee Cord Storage is a genius was to utilize pieces of furniture that you already have but make them into something you really need. Gather those stuffed animals and put them in a place that keeps them at bay and not causing chaos in the corners of on the bed.

15. Embroidery Hoop Storage Buckets

We’re loving these soft buckets as well – that can organize everything from craft supplies, yes, to toys for the littlest ones of the house. Embroidery Hoop Storage Buckets are quite easy to make, especially for those that already have some experience working with fabrics.

16. Rolling Baskets

Rolling Baskets are a great way to help tidy up the playroom. Easy to maneuver, the kiddos will appreciate the design as well. And label the baskets too – it makes it even easier when it’s time to clean up the messes.

17. Hot Wheel Jars

Yes, there is a way to create Hot Wheel Storage at home without having to buy a large, cheap and plastic new accessory. Instead, grab some jars and throw the cars inside. Decorate the top for some extra stylish, organizational pizzazz.

18. Art Buckets

Whip up some little Art Buckets for the kiddos to enjoy. When it’s time for arts and crafts, having these buckets filled and organized with the right supplies will make the entire process run a bit smoother. Clean up will too.

19. Library Wall

We’re really swooning over this Library Wall. Whether you have the extra space or want to utilize the walls in place of an extra piece of furniture, it’s such a fun way to decorate, display, and store the kiddo’s book collection. And having the covers right there make picking a book a bedtime more fun as well.

20. Canvas Tote Hooks

Some of these Canvas Tote Hooks can help with clean up as well. Designate each tote with a particular toy and everything will have its place one playtime is over. Legos, stuffed animals, and even Barbies – it’s such an easy way to organize.

21. Cart Organization

We’ve seen these pieces flying off the shelves at spots like Target and Ikea. They really do make some of the best Art Carts around. Put one together and then organize all the goods.

22. Baskets & Shelves

This space and its combination of using Baskets & Shelves as organize it quite nice as well. There’s ample storage for cleanup and the kids will easily be able to keep things tidy. Just go with ample baskets when shopping.

23. Under-the-Couch Lego Storage

We’ve seen these under the beds and now we’ve found a wonderful DIY for Under-the-Couch Lego Storage too. Instead of having them thrown in corners, this will keep the blocks in place and ready to playtime at the drop of a hat. The Legos can also say on the board throughout the builds.

24. Plastic & Wood

This Plastic & Wood storage piece if quite easy to make as well. If you’re looking to keep a certain interior design genre within your organizational options, check out this one for rustic lovers. There’s ample opportunity to hold lots of toys inside.

25. Tire Shelves

And finally, these Tire Shelves are quite fun too. It’s an innovative design that can help display the favorites and clean up too. Mostly, it’s a fun piece of art for the room as well.

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25 Easy, DIY Toy Storage Ideas