25 Small Apartment Decor Ideas That Will Make You Cherish Your Little Space

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Living in a small space shouldn’t limit your ideas when it comes to decorating. Sometimes it can be hard to envision what the finished outcome will look like in your petite space compared to the spacious pads you see on TV and in magazines (Monica and Rachel’s apartment on Friends was so unrealistic). Which is why we say, head to Instagram instead! With an avalanche of beautiful decor uploaded countless times a day for every type of home, you have endless ideas right at your fingertips (and, in case you haven’t heard, small spaces are definitely in right now).

We’ve selected some of our favorites that show you all the tips, tricks, and hacks for making the most of your smaller space. Maybe that’s painting your walls a pale color to give the illusion of a wider open area or taking advantage of unused space and filling it with useful storage. Whatever you’re looking for, these ideas will hopefully be just the inspiration you’re looking for.

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25 Small Apartment Decor Ideas That Will Make You Cherish Your Little Space