70+ Plant-Tastic Gifts That Will Transform Any Home Into a Lush Oasis

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As a millennial plant parent, I am the first to say that plants are one of my favorite decor staples in a home – I should know; my previous apartment was filled with them – and luckily, my taste in Scandinavian and bohemian design supports my obsession. Plants add a breath of fresh air (literally) into any space, especially in a stuffy city apartment like my own, and bring a pop of color against bland white walls that can’t be painted. As a 20-something who feels as though I can barely take care of myself, the most fulfilling part of owning a plant is waking up each day knowing that I can care for another living thing; it seriously gives me hope for my future. Not to mention, they’re extremely fun to shop for, as nothing makes me happier than buying a cute new pot for my plants to flourish in. If you’re on the same plant-loving page as me or know of someone who is, then I’ve rounded up some cute plant gifts that I either own or wish I owned. Have a look!

– Additional reporting by Lauren Hendrickson and India Yaffe

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70+ Plant-Tastic Gifts That Will Transform Any Home Into a Lush Oasis