Amazing Kitchens that Will Make You Dream About Renovating

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The latest kitchen technology, high-end materials and uber stylish details — amazing kitchens have all of these and more. There’s something about a kitchen that draws in family and friends and this is especially true when it has unique features and an updated style.

Amazing kitchen design with grey cabinets and marbleBecky Shea Design NYC Kitchen DesignMinimalist yellow kitchen decorKitchen with an industrial flair featuring a wood countertop

Since everyone gravitates there, it’s the one place in the home where people will definitely notice any improvements and attractive details. So many different new kitchen products are available that it’s far easier than ever to come up with a really special kitchen design. Have a look at all these amazing kitchens that will have you running for the local design center.

Sophisticated Loft Style

A modern marble-look island pairs with matte gray cabinetry in a sophisticated loft kitchen that offers high style in a compact space. The layout in the Brooklyn loft kitchen, designed by Giancarlo Valle, includes a cooktop and sink that are visible while the other elements are hidden behind the cabinet doors. Contemporary pendants above the island lend just enough of an industrial element to fit the kitchen floorplan and whimsical counter-height seating is a striking accent to the otherwise monochrome color palette.

Iconic Perfection

This kitchen inside the Zaha Hadid-designed residential building in New York is a work of modern perfection and you wouldn’t expect anything less than that from the iconic designer. A clean, white color palette balanced by touched of stainless steel and gray is ideal for the sleek, hardware-free look of this amazing kitchen. The extra wide island features rounded corners and beveled edges, which echo the gentle curves found throughout the building. The streamlined space still has everything a cook would want, including the latest cooking appliances.

Revitalized Vintage

London design firm ALL & NXTHING revamped a historic but severely neglected 19th Century Jacobean-style house in the Hackney section of the city into a character filled space including this marvelous kitchen. Taking up the corner of the open-plan space, it features an exposed brick wall that also functions as the backsplash. The exposed painted beams and hanging planter shelf add even more focus on the island that sports an amazing parquet top crafted from reclaimed wood. Other vintage and reclaimed elements are the perfect match for the dark slate blue cabinets.

Modern and Minimalist

One of the most common routes to modern-looking, amazing kitchens is by using cabinets that are devoid of hardware and visible hinges as this sleek Melbourne kitchen designed by Jamison Architects does. The clean contrast of the stark black backsplash and the white cabinets make up the perfect setting for the stone island and gray wide-plank flooring. The large island includes seating, accomplished with black, modern stools that add another black accent.

Eclectic Mix

Far from your typical kitchen in a countryside home, this eclectic kitchen combines a variety of elements that come together in a totally casual and supremely functional space. Designed by Espacio Blanco, the combination of concrete floors, stainless steel elements and vibrant mustard yellow subway tile are expertly framed with black architectural trim. This is an amazing kitchen for a relaxing home without the stereotypical “country” trappings.

Waterfall Island Countertops

Luxury kitchen countertop materials are certainly a spectacular addition, especially when used to create a waterfall countertop. This style extends the material from the top and takes it down the sides of the island or cabinetry to create the look of an encased unit. The overall look, even when used with mixed materials, is more coordinated and unifying. It also puts greater focus on the island, especially in an eclectic space like this one.

Personally Inspired

This kitchen belongs to designer Sibella Court of The Society Inc. When designing her own space, Court says that she took her own advice and painted each room a different color, yielding this marvelous kitchen with blue cabinets. The kitchen, just like the rest of the rooms in the home, are filled with special pieces she has collected from local makers as well as those from her travels. The kitchen drawers, which are lined in a hue that matches the cabinets and the hardware, includes about ten different styles that still work together.

Strictly Defined

Rarely do small spaces come to mind when considering amazing kitchens, but in this case, it’s true. Calling on the same method used throughout the rest of this tiny Shanghai apartment, the kitchen features a box-type unit that contains the main kitchen functions.  Aside from the sink below the window, cooking and storage elements are confined to the bright and shiny yellow kitchen unit that defines the space and serves as the divider with the main living space. It’s a novel and very stylish approach that TOWOdesign used to manage space restrictions.

Mixed Material Loft

At the heart of a beautifully renovated industrial loft residence is this stunner of a warm and welcoming kitchen. Not really industrial and definitely not uber modern, the kitchen by Becky Shea Design uses a range of materials to create a unique and very user-friendly kitchen. Light wood floors, a stone waterfall countertop island and subway tile are accented with concrete pendants and black sink hardware. The amazing kitchen has plenty of space for cooking and the countertop height island extension has room for four stools that are ideal for family meals or entertaining.

Long and Linear

When the view outside is especially spectacular, there’s nothing like a long and linear kitchen to draw the eye outward as it does in this South African home by Blok Architects. The sleek style of cabinets that have no handles or knobs, combined with natural materials like wood and an island with a matte top meld well with the surroundings outdoors. The terrazzo floor echoes the varied terrain outside and seems to bring a bit of nature inside, as does the adjacent indoor/outdoor swimming pool. Among all the amazing kitchens we’ve seen, this one ranks near the top of the list.

Serious Entertaining

When a kitchen is located inside a real estate office, you know that it’s serious about entertaining. Designed by Intimate Living Interiors, this California space is meant to accommodate agents for work and for business entertaining. That said, the kitchen is as comfortable as any home kitchen and features a luxury stone island with seating as well as architectural hardware throughout. Since it doesn’t need to accommodate serious cooking, the area has an ample sink, a wine cooler that is front and center, and loads of storage for glassware and other entertaining essentials.


When an amazing kitchen is in a home surrounded by mountains and forest, it’s only natural that the materials used reflect that. This Canadian home has a bright and airy kitchen that has all the essentials but nearly disappears within the context of the living space. Clean white counters and base cabinets are accented by upper storage featuring natural wood placed on the vertical to enhance the illusion of height as well as reflect the abundance of trees outdoors. It’s an ideal kitchen for those who would rather that it play a more unobtrusive role in an open concept space.

Pure Understated Luxury

Luxurious barely begins to describe this natural kitchen that manages to combine the latest in technology with a look that defies description. The stunning custom stone island with cooktop, which looks like it’s set atop some old-fashioned sawhorses, is definitely the centerpiece. Concrete pendants at the workspace end of the island add a contemporary touch and the open shelving above the back counter keep the space open and airy. Designed by Naked Kitchens in the UK, this space has us dreaming of a renovation right now!

Showcase for More than Food

With walls that feature artistic wood grain like this, it would be a crime to have anything but a sleek kitchen design. This large, open plan home in Portugal features soaring living space, except for the amazing kitchen, which is confined to an area with a lower ceiling. The white palette and handle-less design are perfect for showing off the stunning wood that lines the space. A massive island, also accented with the same wood, includes underlighting that only serves to emphasize its beauty.

Small Space Solution

When you can’t do anything about the footprint of the kitchen, it’s important to make the most of the space that you have as this kitchen in a Barcelona apartment does. Created by YLAB Architects, the design solves one of the problems often inherent in a small kitchen: clutter. Quite literally, everything including the kitchen sink, is hidden behind doors that create a smooth facade, which makes a small space feel more spacious.

Colorfully Accented

This bright and cheery kitchen sits inside a home designed by Studio Duggan that is otherwise filled with a dark and sometimes moody color palette. Sleek all-white cabinetry with hidden opening mechanisms creates a blank canvas for the space, which features a large and versatile island perfect for dining as well. The zing of yellow from the hairpin-legged stools and the blue sideboard add just enough color to make this a beautiful and vibrant kitchen.


You see them in restaurants but rarely will a home have a real woodburning fire in the kitchen. Haptic Architects installed this feature in an Oslo, Norway residence, allowing the owners to have the fire for the atmosphere or for actual cooking. An open-fire feature like this goes best with a minimalist design like this, rendered in a sophisticated slate blue and gray color palette. The large island, which includes seating space, is ideal for serving foods directly off the fire. This is an unusual element that makes this one of the more amazing kitchens we’ve encountered.

Bold Minimalism

In basic black and white, Edmonds Lee Architecture created a style not typically associated with a family-friendly kitchen. In fact, this was designed for the San Francisco architects themselves with a nod toward cost consciousness and appropriateness as their children age. The minimalist design is indeed a way to contain costs by eliminating purely visual details that can add significantly to cost. Keeping it simple also allows for easy clean-up.

Cozy Contemporary

Without any of the cliched elements of a contemporary kitchen, this layout from Strand Design features a very defined kitchen space within an open plan area. Despite its smaller footprint, the kitchen has plenty of workspace and encompasses anything a cook would need. The waterfall countertop at one end of the island adds extra flair, as does the angled wood section at the other. Unique details throughout add to the contemporary flair that makes this Minnesota kitchen far from ordinary.

Transformed Victorian

The original structure may have been Victorian, but the renovated interiors of this amazing kitchen are far from it. Gleaming in white all around, this kitchen by Robson Rak is decidedly minimalist and blends well into what is a very open plan living area. Accents of natural wood counter stools and a stylish black step ladder for reaching the uppermost cabinets pop against the white background. This design shows that nothing beats all white for a simple and fuss-free kitchen.

Island Happy

Sure, the island is the focal point for most kitchens, but this one by Anderman Architects of Israel takes that to a whole other level. The Boffi kitchen features an island that confines all the visual elements in the kitchen because the walls are all sleek cabinetry. The sink and cooktop, as well as the open shelves for storage and a wooden tabletop for dining and food prep are all front and center. It’s a really cool and unexpected design.


From out of the modern realm and into the futuristic amazing kitchens, this one by Loft4C is definitely out of the ordinary. Comprised of angular components faced in black, their setting against the otherwise white kitchen is super dramatic. Underlighting only serves to highlight the shaped cabinets and other kitchen elements. The rectangular inset in the back wall includes all the cooking and refrigeration units.

Gloriously Green

Colorfully and feeling gloriously green, this kitchen by Marmur Studio is clean-lined and super functional. Space in the apartment is limited and the large square island has more than enough workspace that can also serve as dining space with the two barstools. Blue cabinets and the overhead accent combine with natural wood and a lively green glazed tile backsplash in what is a very happy feeling space.

Small and Simple

With space tight, it’s important to add only the most necessary and desirable elements, which this Barcelona kitchen does. Designed by Colombo and Serboli Architecture, the kitchen had to fit into an awkward space that is part of the larger living area. To keep the look clean, the designers kept cabinetry to a minimum and left the walls free from large cabinets or other storage pieces in order to preserve the roomy feeling. The exposed girders were painted orange and serve to draw the eye upward.

Architecturally Focused


Marasovic Arhitekti of Slovenia designed this amazing kitchen that incorporates dining in a very novel way. The natural wood cabinets have no handles or hardware and line only the wall of the kitchen, but for its full width. The dining table bisects the central column that adds a visual divide with the kitchen space. The way in which the table can be purposed as food prep space or as a dining area is an extra benefit.

Modern and Moody

While most modern kitchens are typically white and bright, this one makes good use of a dark monochrome palette broken only by the massive waterfall island that also serves as dining space. Designed by Studio Makom, the kitchen has anything and everything, but it is all secreted away behind the dark cabinet panels. Minimalist blinds and the dark architectural window frames complete the moody, modern look.

Urban Renewal

Combining new and modern with some of the remnants of a previous iteration, this kitchen by Megowan Architecture gets is style from the juxtaposition of the two. The raw brick wall contrasts — in a very pleasing way — with the smooth, hardware-free cabinetry in stark black and white. A light island top and the pale wood floor balance the serious drama of the cabinet fixtures.

State of the Art

Visually modern, qualitatively luxurious and technologically advanced, this penthouse kitchen by Tom Robertson Architects has it all. The geometries of the design enhance the black and white palette. The simply massive island provides more than enough workspace and plenty of dining space. Other than the sink and cooktop, all the other working elements of this amazing kitchen are hidden behind the cabinet doors.

(Not) Basic Black

A black kitchen, you ask?  Most assuredly yes, when it looks like this. Designed by the Life Space Group, the matte black finish is far more appealing — and less shocking — than shiny black surfaces would be. Paired with pale gray walls and a light wood floor with a natural look, the kitchen is welcoming and warm, despite its minimalist aesthetic.

The New Wood Look

Lately, all wood kitchens have fallen out of favor, but styles like this Georgia-O-Keefe-inspired could bring them back into vogue thanks to updated details. Sleek, flat-front cabinets combined with slim solid surface counters and a waterfall countertop in the large island. The light and airy space designed by the Ranch Mine feels totally modern yet channels a very natural vibe that makes the ample use of wood very appealing.

Timeless Marble

As styles and materials cycle through popularity, marble had its day, but designs like this show that it is back again in force. The gorgeous subtle veining is ideal for picking up architectural accents like the window frame and other black elements in this mainly white kitchen. The renovated, former Victorian structure has a thoroughly luxurious and modern feeling, especially in the kitchen, which is greatly enhanced through the ample use of this high-end material

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Amazing Kitchens that Will Make You Dream About Renovating