Classic Collections of Luxury Bed Linen for an Instant Bedroom Update

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Luxury Bed Linen

There are fewer things in this world that give such a simple pleasure than fresh bed sheets. From crisp, white cotton bed linen to a classically nostalgic William Morris print, we’ve refreshed our luxury bed linen collection for 2019 to ensure you get that ‘new sheets’ feeling every night.

New bedding is the perfect way to start the new year and a new season (yes, we’re already optimistically looking towards spring!). It gives an instant update to your bedroom while requiring a lot less commitment and budget than redecoration or a whole new range of French style furniture. It’s like buying a new lipstick to freshen your look, without needing to invest in a whole new wardrobe!

So, now you’ve decided to treat your bedroom to a little makeover, which duvet cover do you choose? Perhaps an elegant floral print to breathe a bit of life into your home; a delicate, embroidered, white cotton to enhance the femininity of the space or a 100% linen with a romantic ruffle for a laid-back look. Still not sure? We’ve popped some of our favourites from our beautiful bed linen collection below, to give you inspiration and ideas.

Luxurious White Cotton Bed Linen

You simply can’t go wrong with a classic white bed linen set. Plain and simple. White crisp bedding has the clean, fresh feel of new sheets every day; it lets the rest of your bedroom decor do the talking – helping the bolder accent colours to POP.

For a modern, linear look our Milano and Tuxedo bedding (with an 800 thread count), with striking black and grey borders, gives an instant boutique hotel vibe.

Add a touch of pretty with our classic embroidered and lace-trimmed French bed linen. The Emilie with its simple lace inserts and elegant Pique panels (similar to that of a fine, men’s dress shirt) whispers of subtle sophistication, while the beautiful Embroidered Hem Stitch and in-house designed, ‘French Knots’ bedding brings a timeless French look to any bedroom.

Our beautiful 100% cotton bedding is not only buttery soft to touch, we also ensure we can trace its journey from ‘bud to bed’ to ensure 100% social and ethical practices, so you can sleep easy!

French Toile Bed Linen

Bring French country style to your bedroom with our exquisite collection of quintessentially French toile bed linen. The French word ‘toile’ derives from ‘Toile de Jouy’ and translates as ‘story’ or ‘tale’, so a toile design often depicts a romantic, rural or pastoral based tale.

Our beautiful Toile bedding, in soft whites and French blues is a glorious tale of romance. With men and women dancing among aged trees, being serenaded by a man playing a clarinet, all while angels watch over.

For an authentic French look, layer the toile bedding with quilted cushions and bedspreads. C’est parfait!

Classic Morris & Co Bedding Collection

We’re delighted to introduce a collection of bed linen by Morris & Co, the iconic Arts & Crafts designer. We’ve hand-picked designs from the William Morris archives – including Strawberry Thief, Pure Lodden and Wandle – that will add a timeless aesthetic to your bedroom. The classic prints have been refreshed and modernised – in both colour and scale – to suit modern living.

100% Linen Bedding at The French Bedroom Company

Woven from flax and heavier than cotton, linen is loved for its laid-back, relaxed style – creases an’ all! The benefits of 100% linen extend well beyond not needing to iron it: it’s breathable, vegan, anti-static, anti-allergic, naturally repels dirt, moisture wicking and gets softer with every wash. Add to the long list of positives the fact that this luxury bed linen looks stylishly elegant, and we think it’s a classic of the future.

From plain white ruffles to dramatic greys, we’ve got a 100% linen bedding set for every bedroom style.

For more information on our classic bed linen or which might suit your bedroom best, contact our in-house bedroom experts for inspiration and ideas.

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Classic Collections of Luxury Bed Linen for an Instant Bedroom Update