Coffee Table Ideas to Customize Your Living Room With

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There are definitely a lot of different elements (furniture pieces, accessories, decorations, etc.) which can ultimately contribute to the creation of a pleasant and comfortable ambiance and a welcoming living room decor but few are as crucial as the coffee table. This is the piece that somehow ties everything together. Somehow a living room is not the same without a coffee table or a set of chic side tables arranged as a collection in front of the sofa. Luckily there are plenty of unique coffee tables to choose from so that each space can look and feel special.

A coffee table can be special in a lot of different ways. An idea can be to opt for interesting or unexpected materials. For instance, a coffee table with a marble top would definitely stand out and would also have a timeless appeal so it doesn’t really matter what style you’ve chosen for the rest of the living room decor.

For a chic and casual look with a little bit of industrial character you could opt for a coffee table made of wood and metal. It could have a slender metal frame complemented by a wooden top. The contrast would be nice but not too obvious.

Square-shaped coffee tables are quite unusual even though a lot of times the shape suits the seating area perfectly. With that in mind, you can create a cozy setup that both looks and feels good. At the same time, the coffee table can offer some practical storage for things like books, magazines, remote controls, etc.

A single coffee table might not the enough for a big living room or n L-shaped sitting area. In that case it would be more comfortable and practical to have two or more coffee tables. They don’t all have to look alike. Consider combining different materials, shapes or even heights.

Another idea is to choose a coffee table with a hexagon-shaped top. It’s unusual enough to stand out and to look cool and practical enough to not require compromises. In many ways it would be very similar to a round coffee table.

In a lot of cases a flexible layout is considered a plus because it allows multiple types of seating configurations to be created based on the type of activity. As a result, a collection of side tables can either be used separately or as a group.

When you think about it, having two or three small coffee tables as opposed to a single larger one is practical even if all you’re doing is lounging or entertaining guests. Such a configuration is useful especially when several different types of seating units are involved.

It can also be useful to have the usual living room coffee table and to complement it with a few additional tables or different shapes and sizes. This way you can mix and match them based on what you plan to do at that moment and also to arrange the furniture in different configurations if you desire.

Coffee tables can be paired with more than just the typical living room sofa. A coffee table can be a perfect accessory for a cozy reading corner or for an intimate lounging area. It’s not just the living room that can benefit from such a chic setup.

Some coffee tables are designed to be used as groups, sort of like a large piece made of several smaller ones which fit together like pieces of a puzzle. Such designs are eye-catching, intriguing and often very practical as well.

If you like the idea of having several small coffee tables instead of a single piece, you don’t necessarily have to choose pieces form the same collection. They can have different proportions, shapes and can even be made of different materials.

Of course, the opposite is also valid: a single large coffee table positioned in such a way that everyone feels comfortable around it. Although this option offers less flexibility, sometimes it can be more practical and comfortable.

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Coffee Table Ideas to Customize Your Living Room With