Cool Decorative Panels With Sound Absorbing Qualities

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Looking for a way to add more character to your living room, dining area or even your workspace? Decorative wall panels are a wonderful solution and they’re actually quite underrated considering their extraordinary ability to transform spaces. The role of these panels is to beautify your walls and, naturally, that means they’re primarily decorative, sometimes with added functions. They come in all sorts of styles, shapes and sizes and they’re ideal for creating focal points or accent walls. Check out some of our most recent finds and let these designs inspire your next home renovation project.

The Soundwave® Stripes is an amazing product designed by Richard Hutten. As the name suggests, these are sound-absorbent panels which you can install on walls or use to create partitions. They have an attractive geometric design and they can be mixed and matched in all sorts of cool ways. They can be super useful in an office or even at home if you’d like to block the sound from traveling to and from a specific space. You can also use these decorative panels to create your own little recording studio if you’re a youtube creator or if you like to play any musical instrument without disturbing anyone.

The Europa decorative panels offers you a way to create accent walls that look elegant and timeless, similarly to how you would use wallpaper but with a few obvious differences. The panels are large and a single slab can measure as much as 150×300 cm. They can be customized and decorated in all sorts of different ways based on the specificities of each individual project.

Another option is to decorate walls with 3D panels and that opens the door to a whole new range of design possibilities. The Fold Panels, for example, have these sculptural geometric forms which are pretty eye-catching. At the same time, the panels can either be square or rectangular and can be combined in all sorts of interesting ways. Each panel has an aluminum frame which makes installation easy. You can use these panels to either decorate your walls or ceilings.

The Bits Wall is a decorative panel concept which doesn’t just look good but also helps to diffuse sound waves and to prevent echoes which is actually very useful, especially in large and open spaces. The panel is triangular in shape and can be mounted both horizontally and h=vertically. You can combine several triangles to create patterns and to add visual interest to specific parts of a home, office or any other type of space. The panels are covered in fabric and this gives them a nice and friendly texture.

The Triline Wall panels are also bivalent. They’re designed to diffuse and absorb sound waves while at the same time interacting with the light and creating a dynamic and eye-catching effect. They can mounted on walls or ceilings and combined to create a variety of different configurations, both symmetrical and asymmetrical.

As we mentioned before, a lot of decorative panels, especially the more recent, modern models, are actually multifunctional. A good example is the Parentesit series which includes panels available in three different shapes: circle, square and oval. Furthermore, the panels can be customized with additional speakers or built-in ambient lighting and this allows them to stand out even more.

Another cool option is the Eggboard series which includes sound-absorbing decorative panels available in several different shapes and colors. They’re designed to absorb sound waves and limit reverberation. As is the case with other types of panels, these ones can be installed on walls and well as on ceilings. they also feature ambient lighting which is diffuse and very pleasant, making these decorative panels even more eye-catching and useful.

If you’re looking for a sound-absorbing panel that doesn’t really look like one, check out the Flap. This chic accessory can easily be camouflaged as just another decorative panel, an ornament for your walls, hiding its other beneficial features behind a colorful, fun and exciting design. You can get panels in different colors to create your own custom display and you can always add more if needed.

The Diesis and Bemolle series are also good examples of decorative panels with sound absorbing qualities. This, as it seems, is a great combo, one which designs use to their advantage in all sorts of ingenious and creative ways. The panels fold like drapes and that gives them an elegant and at the same time versatile look. You can find them in several different colors so you can match them to your existing decor.

Thanks to their abstract and sophisticated designs, the MOKO decorative panels look like unique vertical sculptures. The panels are handcrafted and made of real wood veneer which is entirely eco-friendly and sustainably-sourced. Add these to a conference room, a living room or even a bedroom to completely change the look and the ambiance in the room.

Speaking of gorgeous abstract designs, check out the Ginkgo decorative panels which seamlessly combine Japanese and European influence in a design that stands out and which offers tons of customization options. In addition to making your walls look awesome, these panels will also reduce ambient noise and echoes.

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Cool Decorative Panels With Sound Absorbing Qualities

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