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Follow your heart and surround yourself with the things that you like and not the things that you think you should. Cordelia’s home is true to her heart, her bedroom clearly reflects her romantic charm – warm, graceful and feminine. She says: I have tried minimalist, but I just can’t do it – I am addicted to lace and flowers. Cordelia lives in Stoke Newington with her son, Eli and their cat, Nora – she is an actress but says her dream job would to be a Florist.

CB_wiyb_bed_crop_1183_IMGP1213What does your bedroom mean to you?
A place to escape and get snug.CB_wiyb_1183_IMGP1225What inspires your interior style?
Random pictures and little places I’ve visited. CB_wiyb_vin_IMGP1175
Where do you source your stuff?
Markets, travels.CB_wiyb_1183_IMGP1230Describe your ideal bedroom?
Big windows and space with wooden floors and a roll top bath – in my current basement bedroom, you can’t swing a cat.
CB_wiyb_1183_IMGP1169If your bedroom were on fire, what would you save?
Picture of my little boy and my treasure from India.CB_wiyb_IMGP1229What makes you happy?
So much could make me happy, so one simple thing…chips, cheese and beans, after a walk on the Heath.

What makes you sad?
Indigestion.CB_wiyb_IMGP1240Do you have a reoccurring dream?
Really? One reoccurring dream I had was ripping off a head. The other was about a wise old man that would guide me home through the air…the second one is better.

How do you sleep, naked or bedclothes?
With some Diptyque body cream and a little slip. Only naked on a hot summers day…or drunk.CB_wiyb_IMGP1234

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Cordelia Bugeja