Easter Table Decor Ideas Inspired By Spring And Nature

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Easter, like all major holidays, is a time when family members and friends come together and enjoy each other’s company, when we open our homes to those we care about and we redecorate, welcoming spring into our lives and making the most of all the beautiful symbols and festive ideas associated with this event. That being said, we’re ready to share with you some of our favorite Easter table decorations in the hopes to inspire to enjoy a special celebration this year.

This is a decor based around the easter egg, one of the most iconic symbols associated with this holiday. This setup uses pastel blue and green mixed with white and beige to create a peaceful and serene ambiance. You can find out details about the decorations and the centerpieces on sandandsisal.

It seems pastels are quite trendy this year so a lot of easter table decorations take advantage of that. An example can be this table decor from one-thousandoaks which puts together shades of mint green, blue and light brown to create a cozy and inviting atmosphere.

Here’s another beautiful example of a pastel-colored Easter table decor, this time focused around a centerpiece. The design is quite simple: just a big piece of wood with smooth edges and a nice finish, with holes at the top, each big enough to hold a painted egg. You can make it look as if each egg sits in a tiny little nest. The idea comes from awonderfulthought.

Speaking of cute little nests with easter eggs in them, check out this refreshingly beautiful table decor featured on blesserhouse. Creating something like this is actually fairly easy and mostly a matter of choosing the right materials and colors. Look for lace trimmed napkins in a lovely pastel color, twig placemats, driftwood chargers, little nests with leaves and a jute table runner.

Since Easter and spring are usually celebrated more or less at the same time, it’s a great opportunity to mix the two themes. Decorate the easter table with big vases full of seasonal flowers and add a few other ornaments such as delicious chocolate bunnies which you give as favors. Check out drivenbydecor for more inspiring ideas.

Another option is to keep the table decor simple and to turn something else into a focal point. For example, check out this setup featured on lifeisaparty. It’s the floral display on the wall that gives this room a fresh vibe and creates an exciting ambiance in combination with the black and white easer egg centerpiece and everything else.

The easter table decor featured on cleanandscentsible also takes advantage of the fact that spring is here. Check out the green centerpieces and how well it all blends together. Even carrots look like a very natural addition, not too easter-y but not too mainstream either.

Or perhaps you’d like to make the Easter bunny the star of your decor. This could be a fun think to do if you have kids as they’ll surely enjoy the surprise and they might even like to help setting up the table and everything else. If you want more details or more inspiration, check out betweennapsontheporch.

More beautiful and inspiring easter table decor ideas can be found on homestoriesatoz. Just look how refreshing and chic this setup is. The flower arrangement is simple but bold enough to become the focal point of the entire room and those white armchair covers complete the decor in the most stylish way possible.

The easter table decor featured on designthusiasm seems to be inspired by the look of traditional Mediterranean tiles and has a very elegant allure. There’s a nice hint of antique or vintage charm mixed with a few more casual and modern elements and together all these things complement each other just right.

Nature is a wonderful and endless source of inspiration and you can definitely take advantage of that if you’re planning a fun and charming easter table decor with bunnies, flowers and everything else. We suggest having a look at ideas suggested on homewithholiday. There’s a green table runner with speckled eggs, bunnies, potted flowers and candles on it and everything looks so organic and so beautiful it would be hard to resist the temptation to create something similar this easter.

A more elegant and a bit formal easter table decor was shared on settingforfour and puts an emphasis on the beauty of soft pastels, delicate flowers and fancy napkin rings. These, however, are just ordinary decorations not particularly linked to the Easter celebration in any way so add a few painted eggs and other such symbolic items to the mix as well.

Speaking of soft pastels and how beautiful the floral arrangements can look on your Easter table, check out this pink decor idea featured on randigarrettdesign. Although there are a lot of matching pink elements on this table, the setup as a whole is not overwhelmingly pink but instead has a rather fresh and airy vibe which is exactly what you’d expect.

Obviously, you can choose any type of flowers you want for your Easter table centerpieces but it might be nice to stick with some cherry blossom branches just to bring some of that wonderful spring vibe into your home. This will also give your table setting a bohemian look so take advantage of that. Check out foxhollowcottage for more cool ideas.

Another fresh and spring-inspired easter table decor idea comes from modern-glam. Here you can see a bunch of seasonal flowers grouped together in cute planters, including lilies, hyacinths and daffodils. A few pastel-colored Easter eggs and cute bunny ornaments and the setup is complete.

You don’t need a multitude of colors to create a beautiful Easter table setup. You can rely on green as your main color and mix it with some white, light blue, beige or brown and maybe add some patterns to the decor as well. Plan everything by taking into consideration existing elements such as your favorite plates, glasses, chargers and everything else. If you like the theme featured here, check out kelleynan for more details.

It can also be fun to choose a color combo and use it on everything in various different forms. We find the combination of yellow and blue to be a wonderful choice. The easter table decor featured on 2ladiesandachair explains it in more detail, showing just how well these two color tones complement each other.

Soft pastels were the perfect color choice for this candy-themed easter table decor. Everything looks delicious and the light colors really pop against the dark color of the dining table. It’s a rather interesting and unusual idea and you can find out more about it on attagirlsays.

A similarly sweet design idea was featured on betweennapsontheporch. This time we have a majestic Easter bunny sitting at the center of the table, surrounded by pained eggs, cupcakes and seasonal flowers. It’s a table decor with a subtle Alice in Wonderland kind of vibe.

You can simplify your Easter decor a little bit by concentrating all the decorations towards the center of the table. You could have a tree branch placed in the middle, with decorations on either side. You can fill small bowls with painted eggs, add a few candles, maybe some little vases filled with spring flowers, etc. Find more inspiration on katescreativespace.

It’s not just the centerpieces and the decorations that can give your table setup a festive look but also the basic things like the cutlery, the plates, the glasses and even the tablecloth. Every item plays a role in creating the desired look and ambiance so look at the big picture and go from there. Perhaps you can find some inspiration in the design featured on purplechocolathome.

How about a green-themed Easter table decor? It would look nice, with all the spring symbols and everything. You can have a green table runner at the center, with seasonal flowers, candles and Easter eggs and matching napkins and chargers. Everything else can be neutral-colored. You can find more details and ideas on oricurie.

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Easter Table Decor Ideas Inspired By Spring And Nature