Easy DIY no sew bench cushion

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Hey there! I’ve been plugging away at the updates in our laundry/mud room and I’m SO so happy with them! It’s so lovely and I’m excited to get the first phase done and share it with you. 
First up, an oldie but goodie. It’s been awhile since I’ve made a cushion for a bench, but it came right back to me. Years ago I shared how to make a no sew bench cushion here — be sure to check that post out for ALL of the steps. 
I went fabric shopping the other day and forgot how much I enjoy it! I haven’t needed to look for fabrics for some time — I always get so inspired. I found a couple I absolutely LOVED at Joann’s: 
Gray white and cream fabrics
The one on top was pricey but they were both half off and I had another 15 percent off of that. So not too bad! (And I didn’t need much for my projects.)
Today I’m working with the lower fabric (the stripes look black in the photo above, but they are a lighter blue/gray). For this project you’ll need a base of some kind to staple the fabric into. I found what I needed in my trusty scrap pile and cut it down to size:
DIY no sew cushion for mud room bench
Notice the slightly rounded corners — I like to do that so the fabric isn’t stretched across anything pointy. Over time it wears at the fabric. 
You’ll want to check out this tutorial to see the next couple of steps in detail, but here’s a big tip — I use egg crate foam instead of thicker foam from the store. It’s cheaper (especially in the fall during back to school sales) and does the job just as well. (Plus you’ll have much more to work with!)
After securing the foam to the board, you’ll want to wrap it with a light fabric like muslin to hold everything together well. If you want it extra cushy, you can use batting too. 
I use a regular staple gun to secure the fabric to the back as I go. If the staples don’t go in all the way I just pound them in with a hammer:  
How to make a DIY bench cushion no sewing
Take your time when using a stripe — you’ll notice if it doesn’t line up well! My biggest tip for this part of the process is not to pull the fabric too taut around the wood. If you do it will pucker up along the sides and you’ll see where you added each staple. 
I usually leave the corners for the end and make them as clean as possible: 
Wrapping corners on bench cushion

This is the hardest part of the whole project. 
The underside will look horrible — but who cares?:
How to DIY no sew cushion

Not me! 😉

I’m so pleased with it — the fabric is PERFECT in here with the new wall color (see all my plans for this room here!):

Cream blue and white stripe bench seat
I almost went with something more modern for the fabric, but I’m glad I found this instead. It’s more “me” for sure: 
How to make a bench cushion
It’s so fresh and pretty. And yes, I will be spraying it with Scotchguard! 
I did a little something with the other fabric I showed you up above as well. I’ll share that soon! I can’t WAIT to replace those shoe baskets with something sturdier. Once I finish up the wall next to this bench that will be my next project: 
DIY no sew bench seat

Have you ever tried this DIY project? On the easy to hard scale it falls more towards the easy — it’s a great one to tackle if you are new to the do-it-yourself game!

I hope to be back with more updates in here this week!

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Easy DIY no sew bench cushion