Five decor trends I loved a little TOO much

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Hello there! I don’t know how I went down the rabbit hole of some of my older posts recently — I think I was looking for an old project maybe? But I got sucked in.

I noticed a few trends in my old decorating style and thought it would be fun to take a look back. Many of these are projects that may have brought some of you to the blog years ago!

My how things have changed! 🙂 Note that I am NOT making fun of my old decorating (I’m proud almost every step along the way) and I am not making fun of anyone that incorporates any of these things…let’s make that clear. You’ll see I still like them all, I just don’t use them quite as much.

It does tickle me to look back at things I may have had a little obsession with. Decor trends come and go and it’s just fun to look back.


I still LOVE spray paint. It’s been a DIY staple of mine and always will be!

We were deep in debt when I started blogging, so I would often take thrifted items and spray paint them…even if they were fine to start with. 😂 I had a few missteps, like painting this big stone pear black:

Old design trends -- spray painting everything
It started as gray — not sure why I thought black would be better. Goodness. I LOVED spray painting.  I’m surprised I have brain cells left. 
I spray painted frames, light fixtures, door knobs, decor, art, window shades…even the floor vents!:
Spray painting floor vents
I loved me some ORB spray paint — otherwise known as oil rubbed bronze. When a blogger mentioned ORB everyone just knew what it was. 😉 Ahhh, the good old days. 
I will say…the painted vents looked great with our dark wood floors at the old house (not the ones pictured here), and I’ve started doing the same at this house. They hold up surprisingly well and the darker color doesn’t stand out nearly as much. 
I will always love a good spray paint project, don’t worry. These lamps used to be shiny brass and the mirror was a wood tone before I sprayed it black: 
Foyer with board and batten white wall
I still think spray paint is the easiest way to transform decor on the cheap. I’ve just reeled it in just a bit over the years. 🙂 
I loved oil rubbed bronze a LOT. But my go-to for many years was black. I was obsessed with painting things black — it really didn’t matter what it was (obviously with the pear). When I painted our laundry room bright yellow (not one of my favorite design decisions), my accent color was…black: 
Old design trends -- lots of black accents
I spray painted most of the items you see in that photo too. Even the clothespins in the jars. See? Problem.  
And when I painted furniture…I painted it black. Alwaaaaaays: 
Old sewing machine trash to treasure
A touch of black is still a favorite of mine — you can see why I think every room needs some of it in this post
But I’m trying to branch out just a bit! I went with a pretty olive green for this piece in our family room and still LOVE it: 
Olive green furniture makeover
Another DIY project I did a lot was stenciling — on furniture, art, the walls…I used them a lot! 
I added some in a shimmer paint (shimmer was another favorite detail) inside the wainscoting in our old family room: 
Decorative stencils on wall
And I figured out a way to give them texture too — I did this treatment in two of our bathrooms way back when: 
How to make textured stencils
Thankfully it wasn’t hard to remove! You can see that process and the after photos here
Nowadays the only thing I stencil are DIY lettered signs like this one: 
DIY hand lettered signs
But there are still some gorgeous patterned stencils for walls and floors! I don’t think that trend is going anywhere soon. It’s just been updated a bit. 😉 
Another trend I repeated over and over was chalkboards. I had a TON of them at one point. I didn’t care, I loved them! 
This spot on our old kitchen wall had many versions of a chalkboard — it started with this one: 
Magnetic chalkboard wall for kids
And that same spot eventually became a full chalkboard wall. I loved it then and still do!:
DIY chalkboard wall in kitchen
My love of them is still strong — they are such an easy way to fill a big wall and add the black accent that I love. 
We only have one giant chalkboard now and I’m pretty sure it will be the only one in the house for awhile: 
Giant chalkboard wall in mud room
You know me though…

And finally…a trend that started years ago and is still strong today, it’s just morphed a bit. Remember how big the vinyl wall sayings were years ago? 
Gosh I had them EVERYWHERE…both in vinyl and with my own handmade stencils. This stair wall was one of my favorites: 
decor trends -- vinyl art quotes
You’ll notice another trend back then was poor picture quality. 😉 It says “The best things in life aren’t things.” That stairway wall went nuts on the Internet! 
I talked about the word art trend last year and how I think it’s gotten a bit out of hand (but I still have some word art pieces that I love). 
Now I try to think outside of the box and DIY my art for the walls when possible: 
wallpaper in frames DIY art
Did you have any of the same decor obsessions? Did I get you hooked on any of these years ago? 🙂 
Overall my style has simplified quite a bit. I prefer quieter design overall now, but as I always say, I appreciate my process throughout the years. Every step along the way has been a blast, and I’ve loved sharing it all with you!

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Five decor trends I loved a little TOO much