Fun And Sophisticated Bedrooms Designed With Kids In Mind

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Decorating with kids in mind isn’t easy but it can be super fun and very rewarding as you get to explore all sorts of cool ideas and to include all types of adorable features in your design. Working with a professional can definitely give you an advantage although there are also plenty of DIY projects and ideas that we definitely encourage you to try. Check out some of the amazing design ideas that we have in store for you today.

It’s easy to overlook the option of a raised platform bed when you’ve never had one but, when you think about, this is a great combo for children’s rooms because it places the shelves at a low level where kids can reach them and it even leaves room for a secret play space underneath the bed. This custom bed unit was a project by HAO Design and it absolutely amazing. There are also other fun and quirky featured in this room as well, such as the blue chalkboard wall which would be awesome in any boy’s room.

A similar design strategy was used here by 

This design done by Another Studio shows that it’s not only possible to make twin beds for girls (or boys) fit in a small room but that it can be done in a very fun and child-friendly way. These two beds fit each in a mini house-shaped nook and become part of a large furniture unit which covers the entire wall. There’s plenty of storage underneath the beds as well as above them and also in those adorable shelving modules that looks like house windows.

Speaking of custom furniture and how much it can change a room, check out the amazing design created by interior designers Ludmila Drudi and Carla Barconte of Estudio Plök in collaboration with architect Mariana Paccieri. The unique design is inspired by a bear cave and uses a lot of wood which combined with the subtle accent lighting and the wavy lines creates a very warm and cozy vibe, actually giving the feeling of a cave but with a friendly bear inside, not an angry one. The wall painting makes that clear.

Finding the space to include both the essential furniture pieces and a play area in a child’s room is difficult, especially when the room is small. There are, however, solutions such as the idea that guided this project done by Minimal Design. This bedroom has built-in bunk beds and storage modules which allows all the essentials to be packed in a compact module, leaving the rest of the room open and usable as a play area.

Having a slide inside the house is one of the coolest things ever as a kid, although adults definitely love this feature too. This apartment in Shanghai was renovated by Wutopia Lab and during the process most of its internal walls were removed, turning everything into a big open space with smooth curves and cool features like this sleeping nook shaped like a house, with a sled instead of stairs.

Speaking of slides and how much fun they can be, check out this girl’s bedroom designed by KOS Architects. It looks like it’s made of pink clouds and it’s one of the most fun spaces we’ve seen so far. Everything is so fluid and dynamic, giving the space an abstract, magical feel. It’s not just this particular room that was designed this way but in fact the entire house.

Another cute design idea comes from Marta Castellano. Although the room doesn’t include many of the typical childish icons it has a very friendly vibe. We love the fact that the color palette is reduced to neutrals, soft shades of brown and grey and blue accents. It really gives the space a sophisticated and modern look.

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Fun And Sophisticated Bedrooms Designed With Kids In Mind