How To Design A Shabby Chic Kitchen With A Subtle Modern Vibe

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The shabby chic style has resurfaced lately, being embraced more and more by interior designers. The style is highly appreciated for the warm and inviting vibe it creates as well as for the fact that it treats imperfections very lightly and even celebrates them for the uniqueness they add to the design. With that in mind, we can’t think of a better place for it than the kitchen, the heart of a home, the place where family members and guests come together and enjoy each other’s company. That’s especially true in the case of open space designs so let’s check out some shabby chic kitchen ideas that we think anyone would find charming.

A shabby chic interior design would often feature elements inspired from farmhouse and cottage-style designs. Our favorite elements in the case of this kitchen featured on sweetmelanie are the dining chairs and the subtle pastel tones which maintain a very simple chromatic palette but also give the space lots of character at the same time.

A lot of things can give a kitchen that shabby chic look you’re looking for, including a farmhouse-style sink, some cute cabinet pulls and drawer knobs or just a slightly worn finish means to give the wooden cabinets more character. Check out junkchiccottage for more details and inspiring ideas.

You can successfully blend modern and contemporary elements into a shabby chic kitchen without minimizing its charm and style. For instance, a blend of contemporary appliances and traditional or rustic furniture can make a beautiful combo, complementing each other and bringing out the beauty in each other. Let this kitchen featured on dreamywhites inspire you.

A shabby chic look suits most kitchens, whether they’re big or small so don’t hesitate to envision your own beautiful version, full of little details that put a smile on your face. The color palette can be very simple and based on whites and neutrals but you can still create a very vibrant decor full of interesting little elements by focusing on the details. You can find inspiration of frenchcountrycottage.

It seems shabby chic designs and pastel colors go really well together. This is a style that prefer light tones and doesn’t usually involve dark nuances unless it’s in small doses and meant to highlight a certain detail or to add contrast. Even so, you can still pull off an eclectic kitchen decor with shabby chic influences without completely redesigning the space. Check out shabbychictreasures for more details and ideas.

A small apartment kitchen can look shabby chic too. In fact, that’s even more reason to try to make it stand out. There’s not much to do since there’s not really a lot of room for purely decorative elements so it’s important to find the right balance between looks and function. We hope this design featured on apartmenttherapy can inspire you.

Naturally, the kitchen decor would have to be in sync with the rest of the house and harmony is important. In that case, you should plan to expand the shabby chic look into the rest of the spaces in one way or another. The transitions between the areas should be smooth and seamless yet each area should maintain its individuality. We think this design featured on town-n-country-living can give you some pointers.

It’s quite easy to go overboard when decorating or furnishing a shabby chic kitchen and since this is a pretty unusual style, finding the right balance is challenging. When does a shabby chic kitchen become too shabby… and less chic? It’s up to you to determine that and to plan or not a makeover. The story featured on hometreeatlas could help you understand the process.

Wood is your best choice when designing a shabby chic kitchen. Highlight its natural beauty and imperfections and but don’t be afraid to paint it. You can give your cabinets and island that lovely worn look by carefully running some sandpaper over the paint just to make it look less uniform.

Like we mentioned at the beginning, a shabby chic kitchen celebrates imperfections instead of hiding them. With that in mind, consider using reclaimed materials in your design and don’t always look for the latest and greatest pieces but try instead to find pieces that have a story to tell.

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How To Design A Shabby Chic Kitchen With A Subtle Modern Vibe