How To Pick Living Room Curtains That Perfectly Match Your Style

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It’s surprising how important the window treatments are in the interior design of a room. A space without shades or curtains just doesn’t look complete and as soon as you add this last detail everything suddenly falls into place.

Rachel Blindauer Living room decorUndercurrent Architects Living room DecorMansion living rooom design with large curtainsMadrid living room decor with blue curtains

With that in mind, today we’re going to check out some interesting living room curtains and we’ll also have a look at some different types of curtains and how they influence the surrounding decor. Choose your favorite ideas and let them inspire you and look for ways to customize the designs in ways that suit your home and style.

There’s a lot to think about before choosing the curtains for the living room. The material, texture, length, style and color all matter and it’s usually a matter of finding the right combination. In this case, for example, interior designer Rachel Blindauer opted for a light shade of gray and a very subtle pattern, a combination which suits this elegant living room perfectly.

It’s often nice to match the living room curtains to some other interior design element which can either be a piece of furniture, an accessory or in this case a piece of artwork displayed on the adjacent wall. The rich, dark blue contrasts with the neutral-colored walls and the sofa in a pleasant way. This is a design completed by studio Melián Randolph.

Chose the color of the curtains and the material based on the amount of light that you want to let into the room as well as on the type of atmosphere that you wish to create. We love how cozy and luminous this living room designed by Louisa Grey of House of Grey is. They’re simple and they offer privacy but they don’t block the light completely. Also, they add texture and color to the already gorgeous living room.

A dark color can look super elegant and quite sophisticated without making the room seem dark and gloomy. Opt for dark-colored curtains which can be easily opened up to let more light in. They’re great because you can close them off on a sunny day and watch TV in perfect conditions without outside disturbances. Let this design by Studio Duggan inspire you.

The living room curtains can play multiple roles. Here, for example, they emphasize the height of the room, framing the tall windows and drawing attention to the ceiling. At the same time they complement the furniture, featuring a color almost identical to that of the armchair. This is a space designed by Shawn Henderson.

This space designed by studio Interior Design Philosophy is very inspiring, showing the more creative side of living room curtains. The interior decor of this place is quite artistic and there’s a multitude of colors here which seamlessly complement each other. Even the curtains have different colors.

Even if the window curtains are an important part of a living room’s overall design and decor they don’t necessarily have to stand out. They can seamlessly blend in and take a cue from the rest of the things in the room such as the furniture, the color of the walls, rugs, lighting fixtures and so on. We have the perfect example here, a space designed by Undercurrent Architects.

The design strategies mentioned here don’t apply only to living room curtains but to pretty much any type of window treatments. Check out this lovely space designed by Bria Hammel Interiors. It has such a soft and feminine vibe and the colors are so pleasant and so luminous without being cliches and without becoming overwhelming.

Another good design strategy is to keep the color palette simple and to play with various different patterns and textures. For example, this living room has a bunch of decorative pillows with stripes patterns and the window curtains bring in a second pattern which is a very welcomed addition, balancing out the decor.{image from jacobsnavely}.

Color is not the only thing that can make a space look amazing and exciting. This neutral-colored living room is the perfect example. It’s effortlessly elegant and timeless, featuring grey curtains that beautifully frame the bay windows and complement the rest of the neutral color tones.{found on agatacdesign}.

Of course, you can play with color and with pattern and create an eclectic design that showcases your own unique style. In such a space it might be difficult to create focal points. The window curtains featured here might stand out in a different type of space but here they blend in almost seamlessly. This is a design done by Frampton Co.

The right curtains can completely change a space even if they might not seem that important at first. Take this classy and elegant living room for example. Those sumptuous golden curtains give the room a sophisticated vibe and really bring out the beauty in the architecture and overall style of the building. This was a project by Toronto Interior Design Group.

If you want the focus to be on the views or to remain on particular interior design elements in the room, neutral-colored window curtains are usually a good option. White curtains are pretty timeless and have a nice Scandinavian vibe which makes spaces feel extra cozy and fresh.

A minimal focus on color combined with maximum attention to texture can result in a very beautiful and harmonious interior design. This is just a simple example of a small living room with bay windows, light gray curtains and a matching sofa.{image on pcraig}.

In a lot of cases, the window curtains can be used to express a particular style or design direction. In a traditional setting such as this one, the curtains would play an important role and would be quite eye-catching and sumptuous-looking.{found on yiangou}.

In a modern or a contemporary setting, simplicity is key to a clean and harmonious decor is to be expected. Consider white sheer curtains which offer privacy without completely blocking the light or the views. They go well with colored walls and casual furniture.{found on zulufish}.

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How To Pick Living Room Curtains That Perfectly Match Your Style