Modern Italian Lakeside Villa Offers Spectacular Views and Stylish Spaces

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Perched on a steep slope along Lake Garda in northern Italy, a luxurious yet minimalist villa is the epitome of an easy-care getaway. Walls of glass take advantage of the views and flood the innovative home with light, creating a spectacular interior.

The lake region of Italy is called the “garden of Europe.” The deep lake and its magnificent surroundings, which include rugged peaks and picturesque villages, have always attracted tourists and Italians alike. So, when an entrepreneurial couple wanted to create their dream villa, it is no surprise that they settled on Lake Garda.

The modern home is built into the lakeside slope.
Attractive screening aids visual flow.
A glass wall makes the terrace feel like an extension of the living space.

The home features a straight, modern silhouette that seems to flow from the hillside to the pool and then out toward the depths of the lake. In a location like this, the outdoor living and entertaining spaces are just as important as the interior rooms. The design flows flawlessly from the inside out, making the patio and pool area an extension of the home, both visually and functionally.

The infinity pool feels like a link to the lake.
Stylish modern furnishings complete the poolside vibe.

The stunning infinity pool is six meters long and is constructed to blend seamlessly with the terrace floor. The pool itself is made from concrete and is foil-lined, increasing its vibrancy. Besides offering the warm weather luxury of swimming just outside the door, visually the pool is a highlight of the outdoor living space.

The unique decking pattern highlights the pool.
The generous use of glass emphasizes a modern edginess.

Rather than being a drain on utilities as many pools can be, this one is ecologically heated with a photovoltaic system that is installed on the roof. It also has an automatic measuring unit that determines the chlorine content and the pH value, making maintenance of the proper water levels a breeze.

Even the lower level has magnificent views.
Versatile outdoor space is key for entertaining.

The outdoor living space is also ideal for entertaining, particularly thanks to this long table that works for sit-down meals or buffets for parties. The overall feeling of the pieces is modern and easy care, with a pared-down style that is clean and fresh. The chairs along the table are a classic model by Piero Lissoni, called the Jelly easy chair. They are especially versatile because the covers are removable.

The continuity of the color palette ties together indoor and outdoor space.
Beautiful views are in every direction.
The excessive decor would be out of place in this type of home.

One of the most innovative aspects of the house is the extensive use of a solid-surface material called HI-MACS®. In fact, the floors and most of the interior furniture and elements of the kitchen bathrooms are crafted from this material. The end result is a white interior that is just as spectacular as the outside of the house.

“The owners wanted something different, with an appealing and design-led finish, which meant we immediately knew HI-MACS® was the perfect choice of material,” explains Karl Dreer, managing director of the design and interiors company and an expert when it comes to solid surface materials.

Casual furniture softens the modern style of the living room.

The extensive use of the solid surface material makes it easy to stick to the concept of “less is more.”  Wide expanses of smooth wall surfaces create a clean palette and the predominantly white decor emphasizes the modern vibe. In the main living area, the modular sofa from Extrasoft, also designed by Lissoni, adds versatility and softness along with a more casual feeling. The same Jelly armchairs are used at the dining table as by the outdoor table, except that they are upholstered in white.

HI-MACS® walls and benches create a minimalist arrangement.
A long vertical window emphasizes the profile of the house.

The minimalism of the design is emphasized in the “hidden kitchen” style, where all the necessary elements and appliances are hidden behind sleek cabinetry that has no exterior hardware. This blank-slate look has become popular for its ease of care, especially in an open-concept home. It’s super easy to close the door on clutter and the tools needed for cooking when guests arrive. In the kitchen, just as throughout the home, ceiling lights are recessed and no hanging fixtures are used in order to keep the view clear,

The bed is also part of the Extrasoft collection from Living Divani.

Even in the bedrooms and bathroom, the door, as well as the counters and sinks, are made from the solid surface material. The owners somewhat jokingly call it the HI-MACS® House because so much of the residence is made from the material. Again, it is the smooth surface and easy care factor that make it so appealing for a place is meant for relaxing and unwinding.

Even the bathroom has magnificent views.
The all-white color palette is also used in the powder room.

The sleek bathroom design also allows focus to shift to the view outside the window. Minimalist chrome accents highlight the HI-MACS® vanity. The contrast of the dark flooring in this part of the home really highlights the white surfaces. Unobtrusive recessed ceiling lights help maintain the open feeling of the space here too.

The home is a stunning architectural design.

Indoors or out, this modern home is a light-filled retreat that is relaxing in any season, but especially in the warm weather, when the terrace and pool are most usable. With all the elements focused on clean lines and easy care materials, this Lake Garda home is the ultimate villa.

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Modern Italian Lakeside Villa Offers Spectacular Views and Stylish Spaces