My mud/laundry room makeover plans (and where I already went wrong!)

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Hey there! This room refresh is a case of if you give a mouse a cookie…or if a DIY blogger finishes one project she wants to start another. Basically the same thing. 
I’m in the process of starting the built ins in my office, but I also started another project that’s keeping me busy too. I had a bit of a misstep already that I’ll show you in a minute. 
It started when I shared this built in unit on the side of our fridge a couple of weeks ago: 
Built in shelves on side of fridge
I’ve been thinking about some updates to our laundry/mud room for a long time now, and this photo got me motivated to start. Look at that wall…just calling out for something cool!
Here’s a better look at it: 
Mud room laundry room combo
I’ve planned to continue the board and batten from the built ins around the room. I played around with heights and taped off one that would bring the B & B a little more than half way up the wall. 
I didn’t want to go all the way up where the back of the built in bench did for a few reasons (it not matching the exact design of the bench for one), so I settled on a different height…and turned out I hated it. 😉 
I also hated the color I picked out. I don’t usually choose wrong when it comes to paint colors, but you really do need to see it on the wall before you know for SURE sometimes. It’s a color called James River Gray that is really a lovely color — a beautiful ashy gray blue. 
But I HATED it in here:
James River Gray by BM
The area under the green tape was supposed to go white. I knew almost immediately that I didn’t like the blue color for this space, but I kept going with the whole wall to be sure. I was sure. Ha! 
It’s such a pretty color but it goes too country blue in here for me. We don’t get a ton of natural light in this room so knew I needed something lighter. 
I also scrapped the board and batten idea because I realized it was going to be too much of it. I felt like I needed to match it to what was already there and the spacing was going to be really busy in here: 
simple built in cubbies mud room
So instead I plan to go with a color I know I love, Whitestone by BM. (I have it mixed at Sherwin-Williams.) I used this color in our master bedroom at the old house: 
Whitestone from Benjamin Moore master bedroom
It’s a very pretty light blue/gray. 
I also plan to give that wall (maybe all of them, but I doubt it) a treatment of some kind. That wall in particular gets lots of scuffs from us taking off shoes and tossing them in the general direction of the shoe bins. We don’t usually take them off and place them in there nicely. 😉 
That bench area will get a few other changes too — I plan to make rolling bins for the shoes (the baskets are falling apart and drive me crazy). I’ll be getting rid of the pillows and will add a DIY cushion instead. 
I also have an idea to build that area up to the ceiling. It bugs me that those cubbies and the cabinets over the washer and dryer don’t go all the way up. We’ll see if I can make that work! 
The other side of the room may only get paint for now, but the long range plans are bigger. I hope to add bottom cabinets under the folding table: 
folding table in laundry with hidden cat litter
You can see how I hid the cat litter here
That would mean finding a new spot for the litter, which we’ve wanted to do for awhile. I have a couple spots in mind. I also plan to cover that whole wall in something pretty, whether it be wallpaper, or a stencil, or tile. 
It’s a big focal point when we walk in from the garage, so I want it to make a pretty statement. I’m considering a cement tile look like I did in our son’s old bathroom
DIY bathroom vanity with black and white tile wall
But would probably do something lighter instead of the black and white. I’m loving this one, this one and this one (affiliate links)…but if I find a cool wallpaper or stencil that may win out. 
I’ve got time to look since this side will have to wait until the budget allows. I think this could be a really beautiful and even more functional wall when I get done with it!: 
hiding cat litter under counter

I’d love to wrap the lower cabinets around the corner a bit to the side of the washer and dryer too.

I’ve already started painting the window wall, again! And it’s SOOO much better already. I’m seeing my vision come together just a bit!

I’m also going to hit the office hard soon too, but the mudroom projects (at least most of them) are quicker and easier. So stay tuned for both!

Do you have a laundry/mud room combo? We had one in our old house that I hated because it was so small. I ended up moving the laundry to the basement and made it a dedicated mud room because it was always such a mess in there. I LOVE this one because it’s so spacious. It will be fun to put my stamp on it!

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My mud/laundry room makeover plans (and where I already went wrong!)