Repot Your Plants For Spring in 7 Easy Steps

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Is there anything better than filling your space with earthy, green vibes in the form of beautiful blooms? Having plants around breathes new life into your home, and there’s no shame in having multiple (we highly recommend having at least one in your bathroom!). But no matter where you keep your plants, keeping them healthy and alive is essential, and repotting them into a larger or different pot will help ensure they last as long as possible.

Before digging in (pun intended), you’ll need the right tools. Make sure the pot into which you’ll be planting is slightly larger than the original one. Also ensure the pot has a drainage hole so your plant doesn’t drown in stagnant water. Other tools include a towel or drip cloth to put down if you’re repotting indoors, gloves, potting mix, a trowel, and a knife. Once you have the tools required, follow these easy steps:

  1. Prep the pot. Grab your new pot, and place a porous material such as a coffee filter or a piece of burlap at the bottom of it to help water drain effectively and the potting soil to stay in the pot.
  2. Add some soil. Add a base layer of potting soil to the bottom of the pot so the plant has a place for its roots to grow and spread. Make sure your plant will have plenty of room to rest inside the new pot.
  3. Prewater the plant. Before adding the plant to the new pot, water it in its old pot or container so the dirt and root ball tighten together. Prewatering also helps ensure your potted plant is hydrated and healthy for its new pot debut.
  4. Remove the plant. To remove from the old container, gently tip the plant upside down and squeeze the sides of the container (if plastic) or prod the edges of the pot with the knife. The plant should eventually slide out.
  5. Pull the roots. Often, plants that have been sitting in a pot will have roots that collect closely together. Gently pull or cut the bottoms of the roots so they have room to spread out in the new pot.
  6. Center the plant. Place the plant in the center of the new pot. Surround it with potting soil on all sides, and add a thin layer of potting soil on top. Gently pat the plant down into the pot.
  7. Baby your plant. Water the plant one more time (repotting plants can dry them out easily), then keep an eye on it for the next few days. Repotted plants shouldn’t be put in direct light right away and will likely require a bit more water for the first week or so after repotting.

No matter if you’re a green thumb or certified plant killer, if you follow these easy steps, your plant will be off to a fabulous start!

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Repot Your Plants For Spring in 7 Easy Steps