Rethink Your Green Thumb, Because These Houseplants Are Too Pretty and Pink to Ignore

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Whether your home is infused with plants or you prefer a select few, there’s no denying that leafy greens add organic style. After all, is an interior’s design complete without a plant in it? Plants love our homes as much as our abodes love them, but if we look beyond the snake plants, fiddle leaf figs, and robust monstera leaves displayed in catalogs and Pinterest feeds, there’s (believe it or not) a whole other world of plants out there. One particular flora we have our eyes set on is pink houseplants, and yes, you need to pick one up for your home stat. These pretty plants range from succulents to tropical blooms, and they warm up your household in a way green plants can’t do. They also make stunning housewarming gifts. If you’re ready to switch out your green thumb for a pink one, then have a look at the gorgeous plants ahead!

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Rethink Your Green Thumb, Because These Houseplants Are Too Pretty and Pink to Ignore