The little hallway that could! (With wallpaper, paint and trim.)

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Hey there! I’ve been hard at work finishing up some last minute details on the little hallway transformation. It’s been awhile since I’ve poured so much effort into such a small space — last time was the little book nook I created from a closet in our loft at the last house.

I think these are some of my favorite makeovers — the small areas that are unexpected and full of detail. It adds a lot of character and charm to a home. I love it!

The first detail I wanted to finish up was the trim around the door to the hallway. I started changing some of the trim in this house to the chunky Craftsman trim we had in our last home. I shared how I added the trim to this large doorway here:

How to add Craftsman door trim
I’ve decided I’m not going to do every doorway — at least not yet. This house has waaaay more doors than our last one. I think too much trim may get overwhelming in spots. But I am going to continue to work on the larger areas like this pass through above (the other side) and the taller areas like to our basement, the back door, and the entrance to the little hallway I’ve been working on. 
This time though, just because I was being a little lazy, I wanted to try something different. I don’t mind our door trim — it’s nice! It’s not quite as wide as the stuff I used on the doorway above, but close enough. 
I tried cutting down the side trim at the top, instead of taking it down and replacing it. I marked a level line across the trim, then used my Dremel cutting tool to saw through it: 
Using Dremel tool to cut door trim

It worked great! That left me with just a small triangle-shaped, mitered cut to take off the top, as well as the top piece of trim.

I held up my header pieces to see how I like it with the trim we already have and loved it! So that saved me a ton of time. You can see what I did here — the old side trim butts up to the new header:

Adding chunky header to door frame
It looks great! There are a few spots I plan to match the ones I’ve already done and replace the side pieces, but many of them I’ll do like this. It saved SO MUCH time! 
I also simplified the gallery wall hanging on that wall — more on that in a bit. I went with simpler, but bigger frames instead: 

Small hallway with dark blue ceiling and wallpaper
They are the Ribba frames from IKEA — the best frames ever. Simple and cheap! I painted the mats of the frames the same color as the ceiling and the dining area — Cyberspace by Sherwin-Williams. 
To see the full name of the wallpaper and the tutorial for hanging it, check out this post! 
I only did four to start, but we’re thinking of adding more:
Gallery wall with wallpaper in hallway
I don’t want to cover too much of the wall…but I think this spot needs a bit more of a statement. I’ll either add one centered at the bottom and top, or add two more lined up at the top and bottom. Not sure what I’m doing just yet. (By the way, look at our baby! He was the CUTEST!!)
For now I’m just going to enjoy this spot! I haven’t received the wallpaper to finish up the small little spot on the opposite wall, but that will take ten minutes to finish up. I’m going to call it done for the time being! 
Here’s a look at a before photo of this little spot: 
Gallery wall around thermostat
And how it looks now!:
Kamala Baker Lifestyle indigo wallpaper in hallway

In this little spot I hung the wallpaper, painted the ceiling, changed out the light fixture, installed crown molding, added the chunky header to the doorway and painted and hung the frames.

We absolutely love it and I am definitely using this wallpaper elsewhere in the house — not a ton…but some. It’s just SO beautiful!

The pretty gold lining on the light shade is lovely when the light is on:

Adding wallpaper to small space

White and blue floral Baker Lifestyle Kamala wallpaper in hallway

The wallpaper has been up for a couple weeks and still smile when I walk into this hall every day — it makes me very happy!:

Small hallway makeover with white and blue floral wallpaper

Here’s one more before and after just because they are so fun. This was after I changed the recessed light into a pendant light
Changing recessed light to pendant light
And here it is all “finished” (still have to fix the wallpaper to the area over the doors to the right!): 
Small hallway updates with wallpaper and paint

Many of you have asked about the room with the dark wall color. You can read all about that here!

I learned through this particular project that I sometimes make things much bigger and harder in my head than they really are. Hanging the wallpaper wasn’t bad at all. I’d do it again in a heartbeat (and will!).

I hope you’ve enjoyed this little transformation! As always, thanks for joining me along the way!

If you’d like to see the book nook transformation, check it out here!:

book nook in small closet

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The little hallway that could! (With wallpaper, paint and trim.)