The office built in paint color reveal (It’s not blue!)

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Coming at ya with a late night post because I couldn’t wait to share the built in bookcase color! 😉 The paint is still drying…I’m not good at keeping things to myself for very long, as you can tell. Ha!
I had a full afternoon/evening to start the painting today and I worked my tail off! This is where I left you earlier this week — the cabinets were in, baseboards installed and the wallpaper was about halfway up: 
cherry blossom peel and stick wallpaper
That wallpaper is still my favorite thing about the room! Goodness it is so pretty! 
None of you guessed the built in color, which surprised me! Although I’m not surprised so many of you thought I was going with blue — you know me well. 😉 Remember the little vintage table in our family room I painted last year?: 
vintage vogue green paint color

You can read all about that transformation here. Originally I planned to paint the bookcases a dark gray, but after living with this green color for awhile, it was calling my name. I knew it would look SO good in the room.

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It’s a Benjamin Moore color called Vintage Vogue and I have it mixed at Sherwin-Williams. I got a little bit more than halfway done today and I absolutely, positively LOVE IT:

Benjamin Moore Vintage Vogue cabinets
Bear with me — these are nighttime shots. I wasn’t planning on posting today so I didn’t take pics any earlier. But I’m so excited about the progress so decided to share! It’s coming together just as I saw it in my head. 
As soon as the wallpaper arrived this week, I held it up against the little table the family room and totally fell in love. They look so lovely together. The wallpaper doesn’t have green in it really. The branches could perhaps go a little green but I think they’re more gray. Keep in mind things don’t always have to match exactly…they just have to “go.” 🙂 

As you can see I also got the counters and trim installed. I still need to fill some holes and do one more coat of stain on the front trim. I ordered this brass hardware (affiliate) for the doors and they arrived this week:

Brass cup pulls Home Depot
Usually cup pulls are used on drawers, not doors. But I think it’s going to look really sharp when I get them in. Gotta let the paint cure a bit first. 
I knew the deep green would look great in here when I realized I had so many items with that green tone in the room already. The butterfly print by the windows has it throughout. And these bird prints on the gallery wall have it all over as well: 
Dark green built in cabinets with wood top
See how I got those art prints for free (they used to hang in our old living room)! I still love them. 
This weekend I plan to finish up the painting on the cabinets. I’m SO GLAD I decided to paint this as I go. It’s daunting to have to paint all of it at once. 
After the cabinets are painted and the hardware is in, I’ll start the supports and header on the bookcase. Once those are up I’ll already be so close to done! So far this has gone MUCH quicker than last time…I hope I didn’t just jinx myself saying that! 
If you’d like to catch up on this project you can see the progress at the links below: 

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The office built in paint color reveal (It's not blue!)