Adjustable Bed Sheet Grippers Cover Suspenders (Set of 4)

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Nyche Styles concentrates on bedding accessories that make your life much easier. Usage sheet fasteners and never fret about untidy or wrinkled sheets again. They secure fitted sheets, flat sheets, mattress pads, and even ironing board covers. They are easy to utilize and keep your bed looking excellent at all times. Made from durable sturdy flexible. Set of 4 per plan so there is one for each bed corner.


  • *** ENHANCEMENT: Double-line sewing holding elastic together for a sturdy purpose.Fits with fitted sheet and flat sheet. Heavy task elastic provides stable and stronger grip
  • Built-in plastic clenching system safeguards material from damage
  • Adjustable length enables desired tension
  • Easy to place on and they eliminate wrinkling and bunching of bed sheets, Keeps corners in place and say goodbye to worries


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