MEILIS SILK Deep Purple Bedding Mulberry Silk Pillowcase 20 by 30 inches Luxurious and Soft Pillow covers

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What is mulberry silk
Mulberry silk is a silk made from the cocoons of the larvae of Mulberry silkworms.It is a kind of natural fiber that is much smoother, lighter and more powerful than any other fibers in the world
Mulberry silk has 18 kinds of natural compounds that are thought to have a favorable result on individuals’s health. Silk is also a natural body temperature level regulator.Choose Mulberry silk pillowcase, it is the finest investment for you.What is Momme Mommes are systems of weight
utilized to determine the density of silk.Usually, higher momme weight indicates more resilient weave and luxurious material. For silk bedding a momme weight of 16-25 is considered excellent quality and silk pillowcase in the range of 16-25 being extremely recommended!How to identify silk Burn Test Take a few threads of the fabric and put a flame to them.Genuine silk
will burn
with a smell like charred hair and will produce a black, powdery ash.It will just burn while the flame is being applied, take the flame away and the threads will stop burning.Synthetic fabric smells like burning plastic and produce black smoke.It will continue burning when flame taken away.Silk Care & Cleaning HAND WASHING Constantly wash in cold or lukewarm water(30 degree)with mild detergent DEVICE WASHING If machine machine, please location them in a protective bag
and make certain to use a silk or delicate setting with minimal spin time
DRYING Lay your silk pillowcase flat to Hang Dry. Do not dry in direct sunshine and radiators IRONING Iron your silk pillowcase while somewhat wet, utilizing a Cool iron on the within
setting. CONSERVING when last rinse, please include a couple of drops of distilled white vinegar to maintaincolor.As silk becomes more fragile when wet, do not twist or wring.Not utilize any kind of whitening agent.Ironing flat prior to collection and Avoid any stress!!
Functions Fabric: 100%19 Momme pure and natural long stranded Mulberry silk.100 %silk on both sides Size: 20x 30inches (51x76cm), fits( a little bigger)queen pillows. 20 x 33inches(51x91cm),
in shape king pillows.Hidden zipper design makes the pillowcase hold the pillow perfectly. Big opening and longer zipper easily fit

  • the pillow into the pillowcase.Benefits: Breathable, Comfortable, Healthy, Chemical-free, Anti-aging, Less Absorbent, Hypoallergenic, Minimizing facial wrinkles and Avoiding dry/ knotted hair when you use it with long term.Gift Pakaged for: Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Wedding event Celebration, Anniversary Day, Christmas present, New Year, Spring, Summertime, Autumn, Winter Notice: Other Colores are all naturally dyed other than ivory color.But dyestuffs are drawn out from plants and no it will be just a little color shading when washing. MEILIS SILK Deep Purple Bedding Mulberry Silk Pillowcase 20 by 30 inches Luxurious and Soft Pillow covers

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