OOSilk 100% Mulberry Charmeuse Silk Flat Sheet Seamless 19mm Cal King Size Bed Sheet , Taupe

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Each woman ought to treat herself with a natural and healthy silk product. Keep silk as a routine, and you will see a younger woman in the mirror. This is likewise a best gift for babies.
1. Amount: One flat sheet, beautifully packed.
2. Washing: Device wash or hand wash at about 30 ° C, use a mild, non-biological cleaning agent specially created for cleaning silk. Don’t soak or wring, and never ever bleach or use any type of bleaching agent. Wash silk independently.
3. Chemical-free: Naturally colored (Ivory is the natural color of silk, never require to be colored), we utilize only environmentally friendly dyestuff in silk items. The dyestuff is mostly from plants and flowers, which get along and healthy to the body. Finest choices for women and kids.
4. Color: More colors available. No color shading or fading.
5. Manufacture Nation: Made in China. China is the native land for silk. Our workers have more than Twenty Years’ experience working in silk production.
6. Mulberry & Momme(mm): Mulberry silk is the highest-quality silk readily available. Mulberry silk has the greatest advantages for skin care, hair care, quality sleep, and health, naturally, also coming with the greatest rate among all sort of silk. Momme is the basic unit when explaining the weight of silk. For silk pillowcases and sheets, we recommend 19mm, which is the most sumptuous pillowcase readily available anywhere.
7. The best ways to identify silk: We can recognize by burning the material (we offer a silk material sample in each order). Quality silk floss is not burnable, and the flame is invisible and will right away die off when burning. The burned ashes will be loose, rely on powder easily when twisted in fingers, and it smells like burned human hair. Fake silk will raise a flame and smells plastic when burned.


  • Made with 100% mulberry 19mm silk, mulberry silk values the greatest quality among all type of silk, while 19 Momme is the best and most glossy weight. We only use Grade A long standard mulberry silk.The most healthy item, hypoallergenic, natural, soft, breathable, and comfortable. High-quality silk sheet can naturally adapt to your body temperature, prevent dust mites.Seamless sheet made by
  • extra wide material, drapes wonderfully, makes you sleep like a baby.Chemical-free, naturally colored, no color shading or
  • fading.Size: Twin is 66 X 96 inches, full is 81 x 96 inches, queen is
  • 91 X 102 inches, king is 108 X 102 inches, Callifornia king is 102x 110 inches OOSilk 100% Mulberry Charmeuse Silk Flat Sheet Seamless 19mm Cal King Size Bed Sheet , Taupe


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