Outlast Temperature Regulating Sheet Set in Corn Silk, XL-Twin


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Do you toss and turn at night or sleep with a partner with whom you’re thermally incompatible Outlast sheet set could be the key to a more restful night’s sleep! these sheets are made from 40-percent outlast, percent cotton with a sateen weave. Originally developed for NASA to help astronauts contend with the temperature swings of space, Outlast fibers in this mattress pad contain millions of invisible microcapsules, Thermocules, that keep you cooler by absorbing your excess heat, then releasing it when your skin temperature drops. The Outlast sheet set creates a comfortable microclimate around you as you sleep, keeping you from getting too hot or too cold.


  • Includes one standard pillowcase and fits mattresses up to 12 inches (two Twin XL fitted sheets = a split top King)
  • Outlast Technology absorbs, stores & releases heat
  • Balances temperature around your body
  • Provides thermal compatibility with your partner
  • Maintains optimal sleep temperature and hypoallergenic


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