Silk Satin Pillowcase Standard Us For Hair And Skin Hypoallergenic King Size Silk Pillowcase Queen (Queen (2-Pack), Sky blue)


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★ Satin pillowcase enjoy a high quality of life

The Satin Pillowcase with 100% silk pillowcase feels cool,

Satin pillowcase for hair, every night will offer you relax and sleep!Reminder: Our pillowcases are made from 100

%superfine polyester.The exact same result as genuine mulberry silk pillow cases( not genuine mulberry silk ), But low-cost satin pillowcase,

the pillowcase is simpler to preserve and use. ★ Genuine American family use standard The difference in between other sellers, the

user only to buy Chinese requirements, the United States is difficult to utilize, and we are professional American basic production, it appropriates for your household to use. You can likewise easily find the best color to match or complement your decoration. Pick seven solid colors: white, black, brown, sky blue, camel, snow blue, satin pink pillowcases. ★ Satin pillow for hair and facial beauty Take pleasure in a cool and comfortable night sleep, awaken with a sweet dream satin pillowcase. Satin pillowcases do not absorb wetness and assist your skin keep the maximum moisture. It can also avoid wrinkles, so you will get up every early morning, the skin is smooth and revitalizing. Satin pillowcases supply smoother surface areas for your hair and keep hair unblemished and hairless. ★ Feel Different Satin pillow despite the number of cleaning, are kept soft and smooth.

Hidden envelope style, easier to utilize, no deformation. Will not slip. Satin pillowcases are simple to care, anti-pollution, anti-fade, no wrinkles; do not require ironing ★ 100%Satisfaction Warranty If you are not pleased with the pillowcase, Simply send us an email.We provide a

100% refund, WE ALSO PROVIDE: 3


➦ 100% superfine

fiber(Polyester)manufacturing pillowcase, synthetic silk pillowcase natural pillowcase with mulberry silk

pillowcase result

  • , However stronger.even after a great deal of wash, make it smooth and durability. No wrinkles, no fading, simple to look after, cold water device wash, low dryness. SATIN PILLOWCASE KING REALLY USA STANDARD ➦ Our silk pillowcase have satin pillowcase king size (20 “x 40”), satin pillowcase queen size(20 “x 30″ ), satin pillowcases standard size(20″x 26”). satin pillowcase king totally certified the genuine American pillowcase. Multi-color optional. COMFORTABLE, EASY TO BREATHE ➦ Satin pillowcases warm in winter and cool in summer season, silk pillowcase designed to delight in luxury throughout the year. satin pillow and 100 satin pillowcase the very same impact, satin pillowcase No zipper, to avoid moving so that the pillow to maintain excellence. NO DANGER SHOPPING ➦ We provide 60 days 100% cash back warranty, Any concerns, call us first, We give you a new pillowcase for free.Because we desire you to be pleased! SATIN PILLOWCASE FOR HAIR ➦ Satin pillowcase
  • for hair and skin is a basic delighted life, better sleep.they are smooth to your skin, lowering facial wrinkles. Satin pillowcase also keeps your hair from harm, avoid hair damage, tangles and spinning. You will get up every morning, healthy skin and stunning hair. ANTI-COUNTERFEITING DECLARATION:”TANGGIFT”trademark and packaging, representing high quality pillowcases, If consumers receive phony pillowcase, you can return and grievances! Silk Satin Pillowcase Standard Us For Hair And Skin Hypoallergenic King Size Silk Pillowcase Queen (Queen (2-Pack), Sky blue)

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