10 Pretty (+ Relaxing) Navy Paint Colors


Navy is one of those can’t-go-wrong paint colors if your goal is cozy. (According to this study, it’s also the most relaxing color, even reducing your heart rate. . . Maybe I should paint my repaint my kitchen top to bottom.) It might seem like a pretty straight forward choice until you start trying to find the right shade of blue and suddenly, there are hundreds of options. I’ve put together a quick list of great go-to navy blues and a few tips.

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  • One reason that choosing navy can be tricky is that some shades can read purple in certain light. Don’t trust your computer screen! Case in point: we painted our boys’ bathroom this shade which looks way different in their small space than the online swatch.
  • Pick up the actual swatch and live with it for a few days or better yet, grab a sample in store. You can always use it for other small projects.
  • You can’t beat the combination of navy with crisp white trim and/or accents. It’s a classic, clean look.
  • On the other hand, don’t let navy walls keep you from using black accents. This is totally acceptable, regardless of what the imaginary book of decorating laws might say.

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10 Pretty (+ Relaxing) Navy Paint Colors