11 Backyard Ideas We Think You’ll Really Like

It’s easy to let nature run its course but that doesn’t really work in the world of interior design and landscaping, not when there are so many wonderful and exciting ideas you can try and so many cool projects you can do. Take a look outside and imagine everything that your backyard could be. Maybe you need a little bit of inspiration in order to do that so we’ll give a push. Check out some of our backyard ideas below.

A Jacuzzi surrounded by greenery

Whether you already have a hot tub or Jacuzzi out in your backyard or you plan on adding one, it doesn’t really matter because what we want to suggest is actually related to the area around it. More specifically, we think it would look lovely to have some vegetation growing around the Jacuzzi. You can plant some seasonal flowers or perhaps you’d prefer some fresh scented herbs instead.

An urban backyard

There’s nothing wrong with wanting your backyard to look modern. In fact, there are some really simple ways in which you can make that happen such as with concrete planters, geometric stone pathways, clean and minimalist lawn edging and a modern selection of materials and finishes overall.

Seating around a water feature

Most often than not backyard would have benches or chairs placed around a fire pit but that’s not for everyone. If you’d much rather create a relaxing, zen area in your backyard, replace the fire pit with a water feature. Doesn’t this look amazing?

Durable furniture

Outdoor furniture gets exposed to all sorts of things, including rain and fluctuating temperatures so it’s important for it to be strong and durable. Of course, you also want it to look nice and to be comfortable. Consider using cushions and decorative pillows to change the decor and the ambiance in an instant.

Traditional Adirondack Chairs

Speaking of backyard furniture, Adirondack Chairs are truly timeless and go great with everything. They have this traditional allure and they’re also infused with a little bit of rustic charm and a little hint of modern flair so you can’t really go wrong with this.

Water fountain focal point

Water features make great focal points for backyards and gardens and fountains are particularly good at looking sophisticated and fancy. You can look for a fountain that would fit nicely in your backyard or even make one yourself if you think you’d enjoy the challenge.

Vertical planters

Vertical planters are a particularly great idea if you want to save some space in case you have a tiny backyard but they can also be a cool project if you simply want to add more greenery to your backyard or to make the space look more modern and you want to try something different from the usual flower beds and flat lawn sections.

A little backyard playhouse

You know else would look cool in the backyard? A little playhouse, like a secret hideout disguised as an abstract sculpture or a pile of wood. You could also hide it among all the greenery or train vines and plants to grow on it. Alternative, you can just make it look like a cute little shed or a treehouse.

Tree swing

If by any chance you have a big tree in your backyard, you most definitely have to hang a swing from one of its branches. You might even get away with improvising a support for the swing in case you don’t have a tree to work with. Either way, this would be a fun and charming addition to any backyard or garden.

Corten steel accents

In case you haven’t noticed already, Corten steel is quite popular these days. Outside you can introduce this material when working on your garden edging projects or when building planters. It looks pretty cool and it has tons of character.

Multi level landscaping

A flat backyard offers numerous advantages and can be very convenient but if you like layers then try multiple levels. You can take advantage of a sloped terrain and create a terraced garden or you could make structural changes to add more levels to a previously uniform backyard.

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11 Backyard Ideas We Think You’ll Really Like