Custom-Designed Kitchen Islands With Seating and More

The kitchen island is an incredible piece of furniture, one which can be potentially be customized in an infinite number of ways. Kitchen islands with seating are particularly wonderful because they make great transitional pieces and they add a very warm and inviting touch to the space around them. As already mentioned, customization is key and there’s a lot of cool ways to do it. Check out some of our favorite designs below.

This is an open kitchen, dining room and living area designed by Whiting Architects as part of a renovation project in Melbourne, Australia. The kitchen, as you can see, has a long island with a built-in sink and an ample food prep area. A quirky set of stools adds a cozy twist to the design and can be conveniently stored underneath the island when not in use.

Your eyes are not deceiving you…this island really is floating. It’s something that studio Diego Revollo Arquitetura designed for an apartment located in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The island is 14 feet (4.5 meters) long and is suspended by black metal supports at each end. This unusual design solution allowed the entire kitchen floor to remain visible which makes cleaning easier and provides more flexibility overall as chairs can easily slide in and out on all sides.

This kitchen island is definitely massive. It had to be this big to accommodate a large family. The island is large and has a curved shape with a cluster of floating stools branching out around the edge. The stools have been custom-designed specifically for this island. This was a project by studio ALTUS Architecture + Design.

For this beautiful kitchen studio Reed Design Group chose a kitchen island with seating on two sides as well as plenty of prep space and built-in storage. The wooden top surface delineates the bar from the rest of the island and adds a warm touch to its design. The bar stools have a similar effect.

This kitchen designed by Sarai Barr Nea Gibeon also has a large island which functions as a tall table accompanied by sleek bar stools. The stools can fit underneath the island to save space, allowing the island to be used as a prep space. The fact that the chairs have very thin and sleek frames really helps to maintain an airy and spacious feel throughout the kitchen.

In this case the kitchen island is mostly used for cooking and prepping but also has a little section that can be used as a table/ bar. This section contrasts with the rest of the island and serves as a sort of attachment. This is part of a project completed by 23bassi studio di architettura in Milan.

When Studio Arthur Casas designed this amazing residence in Rio de Janeiro they opted for a contemporary style defined by minimalism. One of the most impressive pieces of furniture  featured here is this eclectic island which has an entire table that extends seamlessly to its side.

Architecture studio smlxl combined the kitchen island and dining table into a single unit as part of a renovation project that they completed in the Czech republic. The island part is white and taller than the island and the transition between the two is very natural and organic.

This kitchen island with seating has a great design that perfectly suits this beach house. Its design is modern and has a nice hint of Nordic style. The island top matches the kitchen counter and so does the body which has a pastel blue finish and a white linear frame. For more details check out desiretoinspire.

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Custom-Designed Kitchen Islands With Seating and More