Details to Notice: Cozy Living Room Layout


While my first instinct is usually to place furniture around the perimeter of the room and float a coffee table or ottoman in the middle, I’m smitten with this cozy living room layout designed by Meredith Ellis. This is a perfect way to set up a formal living room or study that often goes unused. Keep reading for more details to notice. . .

  • A floating table in the center of the room serves so many functions. Makes a beautiful focal point when styled but can be used as a game table, workspace or even overflow dining if you pull in extra chairs.
  • A skirted table lets you hide extra storage underneath. It’s also a beautiful opportunity to add a bold pattern prominently in the room.
  • But, you could always leave off the skirt and use stacks of books and a garden stool (or two) underneath.
  • The table acts as a divider for the two seating areas. Love the idea of having a more formal sofa and chairs on one side and a cozy reading spot on the other.

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And, a little bonus: see this home styled for the holidays when it was featured in DHome magazine.

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Details to Notice: Cozy Living Room Layout