Do You Still Buy Decorating Books?


Each Fall, publishers send me a fresh crop of design books for review. Most of them have really lovely covers and look beautiful displayed on my coffee table. But honestly, there are few that I find myself taking the time to pour over, especially when I have a world of inspiration via Pinterest, blogs and online magazines in the palm of my hand.

I’m finding my attention span is shorter and shorter (thanks Instagram) and I want less words and more pretty photographs. If I’m going to invest in a design book, I’m looking for beautiful pages (no Kindle editions, please!) that live up to the pretty cover and timeless style that I’ll come back to years later. (I remember doing this with The Better Homes & Gardens New Decorating Book years ago when I was just discovering my love for design. It was the first one I ever bought back in the day, and I savored it.) More Decorating, the new book by designer Tom┬áScheerer, is my favorite so far this year. Gorgeous cover, aspirational photos and a few ideas that I can take away for my own home. I’ve flagged several DIY art and wall color ideas for later. . .

I might also add that what’s under the dust jacket is even prettier for display. . .

Do you still think design books are worth the investment?

If so, which new ones are you adding to your collection?

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Do You Still Buy Decorating Books?