Hand Painted Abstract Walls


If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen that I’m getting just the tiniest itch to change up the wallpaper in our kitchen.  It’s not that I hate it; I just really like change and you know, it’s kind of my job. And while I like a bold pattern, I do feel like it’s limiting me in some ways.

For example, we have the patterned blue couch in the adjoining living room and every time I think about layering in a patterned rug or different pillows, I start to get dizzy. So I’ve been thinking about something along the lines of a more neutral abstract pattern, especially since I came across this paper several months ago:

This pattern started my wheels turning. The price did not. So I went on Pinterest and found lots of similar examples of hand painted walls. I feel like I started seeing this a lot after Kelly Wearstler’s staircase made its debut.


Kristin also did a really fun wall in her living room several years ago and I found a few more interesting takes:

Ultimately, I like the pattern below best and would opt for lighter lines drawn on top of a darker shade but nothing too bold in contrast. I also like that you can scale the size any way you want to fit your space–and taste. It’s a great trick for a smaller spot like a nook, entryway or powder room.

At this point, I’m just pondering but it always helps to throw your idea out for everyone’s (differing) opinions. 😉


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Hand Painted Abstract Walls