Would I Choose Open Kitchen Shelving Again?


It’s easy to rave about things around your house when they’re brand new and don’t have the wear and tear of everyday use. I’ve had several people ask me if I’m still happy with our open shelving three years after our kitchen renovation so here’s the quick update. . .

I knew going into our remodel that I loved the look of open shelving and less heavy cabinetry; I just didn’t know how it would translate to everyday use for our family. Fortunately, it’s worked out great for us and I don’t have any regrets about foregoing more closed cabinets.

One reason it works well is that they’re directly behind each of the dishwashers (yes, two). I keep (most of) the dishes we use on a daily basis on these shelves–cereal bowls, white plates, smaller blue and white plates, glasses, coffee mugs, etc. I do think this whole look works best if you keep the dishes simple and limited to one or two colors. I also don’t mind if pieces are not-so-perfectly stacked. (Our┬ánot-so-pretty plastic bowls and cups are stored in the deeper bottom drawers.)

I know some were concerned about the dust that would accumulate when we first had them installed. I’ll just say there’s no more dust here than anywhere else in my house (take that for what you will. . . ) and that I’ve never been one to make a decision based on dust potential. Again, because everything is used almost daily (especially on the bottom shelves), it rarely has time to get very dusty.

I’m also happy to report that they’ve stayed up well (thanks to the metal rods that our contractor mounted through them) despite the adjacent door closing/slamming shut 197+ times each day.

Anything else you’d like an update in a future post?

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Would I Choose Open Kitchen Shelving Again?